About us


Prolinked Magazine is founded by a team of most artistic and experienced group of students who studying Business Administration in a reputed university. The whole team is motivated to work together to form a platform for all those people who are keen to gain knowledge, want to enhance their reading and writing skills and become an author.

Every Blogger and Member of this team is putting their efforts to give our readers the place where they can find reading materials according to their interest level.

ProLinked Magazine is the best place for readers where they can find interesting and informative articles. We have different categories for our viewers so they can read according to their interest. We have newsflash, social, business, health, technology, fashion, entertainment, cooking, sports, quizzes and WWE etc.
Our main purpose is to enhance the reading trend among the viewers by providing them information with entertainment.

 “Reading is an art form, and every man can be an artist”. Edwin Louis Cole