10 Bizarre People In The World

In this world most of people think they are normal but in reality actually they are bizarre and exceptional cases. And they face various types of problems in their lives. The cases discussed in this article are to make you aware about some admirable bizarre people and their lives.

1- Bhagat: Carried His Twin Brother in His Stomach


He lives in Nagapur, India. He has a big belly, the amazing thing he claimed that he feels some sort of anxiety and self-conscious about his big belly. In 1999 Bhagat was 36 year old and suddenly he rushed to the hospital just because of his stomach which was too much swollen and he felt problem even in taking breathe. But the doctor discovered something which is very rare and abnormality literally, he had his twin brother inside his body. But the Bhagat twin brother was never born.

2-World’s Hairiest Teenager is a Girl!


The world hairiest teenager name as Supatra from Thailand. She was diagnosed and it seems like a rare condition which actually causes hair to grow on that places which normally shouldn’t. Definitely this type of conditions made life bit difficult because you have to face the whole world. She has to wake up 1 hour earlier because there are a lot of places where she had to comb herself. But she is a brave girl because she is perfectly happy and she doesn’t feel different than anyone else. Yet, she is considered as one the most brave bizarre people in this world.

3-World’s Largest Mouth


Well this is little bit creepy. This man Francisco Domingo Joaquim is just a normal man but he has some extra ordinary special ability. He has the title of “World Biggest Mouth”. His mouth measurement is 17cm (6.69 inches). He can easily fit cold drink can in his mouth. Check out this video

4-The Woman with the Smallest Waist in the World


She is Michele Kobke, a girl from Germany who is 26 years old. She has shrunk her waist down from 25 inches to just 16 inches by wearing the corset every day even while sleeping and the duration was of 3 years. For the 3 years she did the same thing but now she is still hoping that she can cut down her waist to 14 inches. Well that’s horrible and such bizarre people look quite weird if you face them in real.

5-The Real Version of the Incredible Hulk


He is Romario Dos Santos Alves. He is a Brazilian body builder. He was too much desperate to emulate the Incredible Hulk. To fulfill his desire he injected his arms with a potential lethal combination of alcohol and oil. He risked his life and now his swollen muscles have earned the nick name such as “Beast” and “Monster”

6-Smallest Girl on Earth


World smallest girl name as Jyoti Amge she was born on 16 December, 1993. She was also casted in the American horror Story: Freak Show. According to the Guinness World Records she is the world smallest girl. She has a height of 62.8 centimeter which is 2 ft 0.6 inches. This type of growth abnormality known as Achondroplasia.

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Nabeel Ahmed

Nabeel Ahmed

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