15 Awesome Tips for Home Maintenance

15 Awesome Tips for Home MaintenanceKeeping your house clean and in shape not only keeps your partner happy (if you have one, that is), but it serves a more important purpose – helps you and your family live a healthier and more enjoyable life.

When facing such a huge challenge as keeping your house in perfect shape at all times, one can’t help but be overwhelmed with such a vast number of things that need to be kept in mind.

This is where we come in with a short reminder. Keep it at your fridge not to forget everything that needs to be done, from cleaning your pool pumps to repairing your rooftop. So, here are our 15 awesome tips, sorted based on frequency that you need to use them.

Every month

  • Clean kitchen sink disposal. Washing up is probably not your favorite thing to do, but even if that is something that you do only occasionally, nothing is more annoying than being interrupted while doing it. Cleaning the kitchen disposal will get your kitchen work run smoothly, and it does not take long to do.
  • Inspect your fire extinguishers for pressure and replace them if they are not according to expected. Also, make sure they are in no way blocked by anything else and that they are still in good shape.
  • Add some salt to your water softener. This is not necessary every month, but do check it regularly and if the salt is gone, add some. It is healthier option, and definitely worth checking every month.
  • Degrease your range hood filters. You would be surprised to see how dirty can they get in a short period of time. Auto part degreaser can help keep them clean.

Every season

  • Check the chimney before winter season begins.
  • Clean the fireplace and get it ready, too
  • Test smoke alarm. You should hear the sound if there is any sign of smoke or carbon-dioxide in the house. If the sound is missing, replace the batteries, and if it doesn’t help, replace the alarm with new one or get it repaired.
  • Inspect your HVAC filters. They are worth investing in, so replace them with more expensive ones if those that you have prove to be inadequate
  • Clean the pool before summer, check for breakage and don’t forget to check if your pool pumps are working properly
  • Get your air conditioner serviced for summer. Filters should be cleaned before and after period of extensive usage, which is usually late spring and early fall.
  • Check the drainage outside the house. Gutters should be clean of leaves or other waste, and if the water still stands around for more than a full day,
  • Repair any broken windows or window screens, pipes,

Once a year

  • Check the roof for leaks or damage, and if needed, hire a professional to help you with repairs.
  • Extinguish bugs and insects. Use professionals to help you get this done.
  • Clean your garage; get rid of the waste that often ends up there, preventing o keep your home in a perfect shape. Although this list may seem a bit overwhelming, it consist all the major things that need to be performed.

    Some of them are seasonal or annual. It all depends. However, have in mind that the biggest secret behind home maintenance is being prompt and performing fixes as soon as the problem appears. A lot of our house and home appliances are subjected to deterioration. So, even if there is a small malfunction, it can gradually lead to complete failure of a motor (in case of appliances, for example) or some other major issue.

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