4 Eco-Friendly Airports In The World

4 Eco-Friendly Airports In The WorldWith rapid modernization and the race to cope up with the super advanced and technological world, we have forgotten the utmost importance of nature. It is that time of reality where machines are taking over the beautiful Earth, and we simply give in. We are failing to work towards sustainability and instead are letting our everyday lives to be mechanized.

No matter what it is about, it should be evoked that the ecosystem and nature is what dictates our existence. The better the environment, the better lives we can have. However, the world today is absolutely the opposite of it. Even if it is about traveling to explore a place, it is more about the amusement parks with machine run rides, tall and modern buildings/hotels to live in, or innovations in food to experience. People are least interested in the natural beauty while adore the man made advancements instead.

It is our responsibility to give back to the Mother Earth that has and is giving us so much. Apart from the technological advanced and modern airports around the world, there are a few Eco-friendly airports that have adopted Eco-innovations and are leading the way in sustainability. Find out the details below.

1- Changi International Airport in Singapore

4 Eco-Friendly Airports In The World - Changi International Airport in SingaporeThe Singaporean airport is one of those Eco-friendly airports. The Singaporean airport is not only technologically ahead but leads the way in Eco-friendliness too. It comprises of indoor gardens, rainwater harvesting, a butterfly garden and a nature’s trail, making it a green and Eco-loving airport. You will find more than 900 skylights that are used to cut down on electricity.

2- Pearson International Airport in Toronto

4 Eco-Friendly Airports In The World - Pearson International Airport in TorontoThis airport in Toronto is pioneering a cool new mode of sustainability by introducing a honeybee beehive to help support food security and farming in the area surrounding the airport.

3- Denver International Airport in USA

4 Eco-Friendly Airports In The World - Denver International Airport in USADenver International Airport has installed four solar groups, making its total solar capacity up to 10 megawatts, the most of any American airport. These arrays can produce enough electricity to power 2,000 plus homes every year.

4- East Midlands Airport in U.K

4 Eco-Friendly Airports In The World - East Midlands Airport in U.KEver heard of an airport to generate electricity from wind energy? The East Midlands Airport has two commercial-scale wind turbines installed to produce 5% of the airport’s electricity. The airport has been attaining “carbon-neutral” ground procedures since the past four years.

One of the benefits of staying at airport hotels in the mentioned Eco-friendly airports is that one can enjoy the beauty of nature and modern architecture at the same time.