5 Important Question Before Develop any Mobile APP

5 Important Question Before Develop any Mobile APPMobile App is still rare for small business. This is the best time where entrepreneur and developer can take advantage. Offer a mobile app to your clients and customer and take a big leap ahead of your competitor.



Before develop any Mobile App for your business, you have to think about few important questions. If you ask these questions before developing your Mobile Application, it is very beneficial for long-term as well as short-term. Get best answer for these questions and have a clear sense of direction and idea. So developer can get the reason able answer why I made mobile app. Five question which developer ask before making their mobile apps.

What is Motive & Goal to Build Mobile App?

This question is very simple when developers see it, but if someone asks this question from developer it become come the most difficult question to give answer. Basically this question is foundation of development of mobile app and its implementation. So beginning from the goal of your development! Define the goal. It is supposed to beginning of any app in every project development. When developer clear the goal in mind, it becomes very easy for developer to make a plane for development step by step. It gives the clear idea which function and feature is your need for Mobile apps.

What is Your Mobile App Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Smartphones have variety features like GPS, dual cameras, multi-touch screen, different sensors and fast connectivity. If developing an application for public consumption and want to see your app achieving desired victory. So it must have a unique selling point. It must be something better, different, and unique. More stylishly as no one else has ever implemented it. Through mixture of these features and things, developers can create Unique Selling Point to their apps.

What is Target Marketing for Mobile App?

Most important question is how to market your Mobile Apps. After define your goal, you have to target your market segment because goal define your target audience. Simply submit your app on the app store does not guarantee people download it. So every app should have sufficient marketing strategies and plan. You can use different social media tool for marketing. You can read it here.

Do you need an app or just a mobile website?

It is a difficult to select because both technology mobile app and mobile website are famous and in trend. It’s all depending on your requirement with regards to the necessity. Nearly all developers will probably advise that choose native mobile app. But not all of website might be created having supported native technological. This is exactly why we have mobile web site along with different technological options. If you develop an android app, it means you are limited to only android mobiles but if you making mobile web it will run across all mobile platforms.

Platforms you Support?

There are different mobile operating systems. We have Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. These are the leading ones of them. There are hundreds of companies engaged in global mobile market and making their own devices. There is also verity of device types. We have smartphones, phablets, tablets and TV devices. Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, HTC and Huawei are the leading ones selling mobile devices internationally. But at other hand we are also some local manufacturers. They are leading in particular regions. So you have to select that platform where your requirement fulfills.

Mobile technology becomes smaller and thinner. Its system becomes more micro, faster, better and reliable. But for developers of mobile app, area becomes more and more narrow. So it is important that before developing and mobile application developer have clear idea. What market demand for successful Apps. Because it have the ability to increase sales, expand customer engagement and foster brand loyalty on a number of levels.


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