5 Interesting Facts About Dreams

dreamsDreams are the series of images, ideas and emotions that occur unwillingly in the minds of people during sleep. It is the most interesting experience in our lives. A dream can be of few seconds or it can be of approximately 20 minutes. Dreams can be extraordinary fascinating,exciting and in some cases terrifying too. The purpose of dreams cannot be clearly understood although it has been involved in a many of scientific, philosophical, psychological and as well as religious studies.

Every person in this universe dream in their sleep. Men, women and even babies do it, except a person who is psychological ill. It has been found in research that people can have more than one dream in a particular night. Since everybody face dreams in their sleep and everybody know that dream is reality but do they actually know about dream? So here are some interesting facts about dreams.

1) Remember:

Most of the people are able to remember their dreams but how? This is because they awake during their dreams. If anyone awake during his dream then he’ll be able to remember it.

2)Don’t Remember:

Most of the people claims that they do not dream, this is not a reality because every person in this universe dream and even animals do. They just forget their dreams. According to a dream researcher J. Allan Hobson, people forget their 95% of dreams after awaking from their dream.

Within 5 minutes after awaking, people forget their 50% of their dreams and within 10 minutes, people forget their 90% of their dream.

3)Do Blind People Dream?

Any person who become blind after birth can see images, ideas and emotions in their dreams. The dream of blind person is as complex and vivid as those who can see. Blind person usually dream by involving their other senses like sense of sound, smell, touch and feelings of emotions. But a person who is blind from birth cannot see any images in their dream.

4)Men vs Women:

Many researcher have found that there is a difference in men and women as according to the context of dream. Women are able to see longer dreams which includes many characters in it as compared to men. Men’s dream is usually all about other men. Around 60 to 70% of men’s dream involve other men whereas women’s dream involve equal number of men and women.

5) Negative Emotions Are More Common Than Positive:

People experience joy, happiness and fear during their dream and of course it is something natural but it is surprising that people often watch negative emotions in their dream as compared to positive. According to a researcher Calvin S. Hall, the most common emotion that people face in their dream is anxiety. Anger, sadness and fear also very common in people’s dream. In short, negative emotions are generally face by people as compared to positive ones.

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