5 Top YouTube Entertainers of All Time

5 Top YouTube Entertainers

The world has changed drastically over a dozen years when revolution came along in the name of information technology. Today in the era of globalization a lot of businesses are dependent over another in terms of information and knowledge sharing which helps them to expand substantially being within their own nature of work. As a matter of fact information sharing is common today that even a small idea is shared online rather than writing it down and marking it as confidential.

A slight advance medium such as YouTube is highlighted among top notch information provider, basically it is an online platform which provides opportunities to the ordinary people like you and me to deliver the right content to the demanded people. Having said that a high number of individuals have identified their success by showcasing their talent and showing it to the world by just uploading clips, videos and even movies. The truth is YouTube has changed the way people think while in search for any information. Along with all the serious work, their lies an aspect of entertainment which cannot be denied and therefore many of the YouTube channels are now listed at the top which provide sheer entertainment and fun to their subscribers.

Let`s begin with some of the most renown personalities who have been admired by the whole world today and are followed by a substantial number of population.

1-Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber as we usually call him JB is topping the list of “Top YouTube Entertainers” this year also. An American talented individual who changed the whole course of perception of young individuals. Sang a song, uploaded it`s video on YouTube and got a high number of hits which made him known to the world. JB was awarded of being the best singer in 2009 and lead the number one position for quite a long time.

2-PewDiePie a.k.a (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg):

Being in the discussion for famous top YouTube entertainers and personalities, it would be unfair to mention the current leader of all the YouTube channels. Made his entrance by just presenting himself on the webpage. Adequately playing games and doing unusual stuff, he has been able to grasp the attention of the audience by the work he loves to do. Currently a millionaire as having over 40 million subscribers managed to inject a perception in the minds of all the individuals that there is a platform where talent can be appreciated and get paid for the work done.


Talking about the top YouTube entertainers it is going to be imbalanced to name one of the most talented individual. A German young man who puts all his efforts in entertaining his fans by coming up with new ideas of doing abnormal stuff. That`s right the German boy speaks in his native language which is apparently German and do funny acts just to grasp the audience attention. He himself is a proud figure of gathering the people who do not speak nor understand German but still find him a funny public figure.


Starting a career by participating in the X-Factor competition and applauded by a huge number of audience around the globe, band of young and talented individuals known as One Direction has also managed to be on the top five list of You Tube. The group seek to present the best music in such a young age that has awarded them to be known in the world. You Tube however help them to promote their songs and music to earn responses which tend happen to be on the positive side.

5-Watch Mojo:

People always favor to the things which are deeply explained with proper rankings of their functions and characteristics. Whenever buying a product or want to be entertain with a service, a brief information is gathered by a general public just to be aware. Watch Mojo is one of the leading YouTube channel which provides it viewers the information in form of ranking. Just to quote an example, it can be the top ten functions of an IPad, top 25 movies of all time etc. While giving away the ranking it explains how they have set the criteria of positions and therefore present relevant information for the watchers. Definitely it would be unfair by not including Watch Mojo in our top YouTube entertainers list.

Apart from these top five celebrities of YouTube, there are several other channels which are highly rated belonging from different categories. YouTube has uplift high scale talented minds which may not be as good as to be shown of different television channels but have provided them the opportunity to show what they are made up of. Apart from the topic a high number of companies present their products on this webpage before running the advertisements of television just to get the bloggers going and to get feedback from different minds.

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