7 Resume Mistakes That Should Be Corrected Immediately

Resume Mistakes That Should Be Corrected ImmediatelyHow many times have you sent your resume and never heard back? You start consoling yourself like I might need more experience or I wasn’t a good fit or they just didn’t see or receive my resume. But in reality, your resume had some obvious mistakes that didn’t let them go through your whole resume.

You’ll be amazed to know that Hiring Managers hardly take 6 seconds to examine a resume, so it’s highly important to avoid following resume mistakes:

1-Correct Your Objective.

Mostly job seekers, copy paste same old though popular job objectives on their resumes; this is one of the biggest resume mistakes but forwarding a resume with the same objective to multiple organizations is utterly the biggest mistake one could make.

There’s no need to put ‘Objective’ on your resume, instead just give a brief summary that should determine an accomplishment-driven summary as recruiters prefer good track record. Also emphasize on duties that highlight your uniqueness, simultaneously setting you apart from other candidates.

2-Irrelevant Work Experience.

Flooding own resume with some irrelevant work experiences is one the common resume mistakes job seekers do and proudly do! Two main reasons behind this mistake: Either you want to lengthen your resume or you want to express that you’re multi-talented and willing to work for any job position.

You should keep in mind for which job you are applying, always alter your experience accordingly. No matter how good you are at making different cuisines but if a company wants an Italian cuisine cook then make sure you discard other cuisine proficiencies and only focus on Italian cuisine job duties – and not responsibilities!

3-Hobbies? Nobody Cares!

Yes, nobody cares what you do in your leisure time if it’s irrelevant to the job you’re applying for. Do not waste your recruiter’s time and most importantly, it’s a waste of space as you can add other relevant information to other sections instead of adding and filling this useless section.

4-Avoid Personal Pronouns.

This is one of the senseless resume mistakes job seekers don’t even notice that this might make them fall in “No-Fit List”. You shouldn’t include words like “I”, “me”, “she” and “my” as Hiring Managers already know that this is your resume and every mentioned information is related to you.

5-Use Correct Tenses.

It’s highly important that you should use correct English in terms of tenses and other grammatical errors. Never mention your Past Job Experience using the Present Tense. Only your current job requires Present Tense.

6-Avoid Using Pointless Words.

Mentioning “Phone” before an actual number or writing a word “Email” before an email address is undoubtedly among the imprudent resume mistakes that job seekers commonly do. They already know it’s your phone number and your email address so there’s no need to use unnecessary words in your resume.

7-Avoid Including References.

It’s pointless to mention references at the bottom of your resume unless they are needed. If your Hiring Manager wants to speak to your references, he’ll definitely ask you.

Therefore, do not waste a valuable space by just writing “reference upon request”.

So, these were the common resume mistakes that job seekers don’t realize while making their personal resume but there are other lots of mistakes, I’d say BLUNDERS that actually hinder a manager to spend at least 3 seconds on your resume. Always Remember: Never Lie on your Resume! Good Luck!

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