8 Amazing SnapChat Hacks And Tricks For You

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If you love Instagram then you must be a fan of Snapchat too. Because it’s all about goofy pictures and videos! If you’re a newbie we assure you, you will get lost once you start using Snapchat. It’s way too addictive. So before you begin Snap chatting with your friends let us tell you some amazing Snapchat hacks or tricks so that you fully enjoy this app.

HACK 1 – Standout as a GIF Animated Image

We all know GIFs are common now. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram GIF is now capturing the attention of users. So how can Snapchat lag behind?

That sketchy yellow ghost isn’t just an icon. You can make a short GIF video showing a collection of pictures and put that up on yellow ghost’s icon. I know I sound stupid calling that icon a ‘yellow ghost’ but that’s what it is.

Just tap on it and you’ll be redirected to a camera and an enlarged ghost logo. Take a picture and after few minutes it will be seen on your Snapchat’s account logo.

And in case you get bored or tired of seeing that gif-like picture, you can always change it by following the same process. This is among the common yet funniest Snapchat hacks as people usually put their humorous pictures excluding some serious business people.

HACK 2 – Take A Screenshot Without Letting Your Friend Know

Sometimes you might want to take a screenshot but don’t go for it because your friend will get notified.

Here’s a solution: Before taking a screenshot just turn your phone on airplane mode because it will disable your device from transmitting signals. As soon as your phone gets on airplane mode, take a screenshot and at once log out. Now turn off airplane mode and get back on Snapchat.

Whoa that’s one of the smartest Snapchat hacks. Happy Screenshotting!

HACK 3 – Draw On Your Pictures

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You must have noticed people do drawing on their pictures and make them more vivacious. So a pleasing drawing requires a big screen that means you probably can’t draw comfortably on iPhone. An iPad would be a perfect choice. Download Snapchat on your iPad and make detailed and amazing drawings on your pictures. Get creative – Have fun!

HACK 4 – Do Video Calling With Your Friends

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Indeed this is the most desirable feature.  Like other social platforms, Snapchat also allows you to do video calling with your friends.  Just swipe right to see who’s online. If your friend is on Snapchat at the moment, blue circle will appear. To start a video call just press and hold the blue icon, while doing video calling just don’t take off your finger from the screen.

HACK 5 – Put Two Filters Together

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Yes this is one of the amazing Snapchat Hacks that we are revealing. Everyone is aware of inserting filters by just swiping right on your snap. But very less users know about combining two filters in one snap.

Again, just swipe right and select a filter of your own choice. Then hold your finger on to the screen and within seconds, another filter will appear combined with the one you selected first. Isn’t this amazing?

HACK 6 – Get Over Snapchat’s Character Limit

If you are a prolific writer then this must be very annoying to you! Like Twitter; Snapchat also curtails you with its character limit.

Surely, every problem comes along with a solution.

Every phone contains “Notes” application. Just click on notes app and start tapping enter button to create several blank lines as per your need.

As soon as you get done with it, copy the blank text and paste them into Snapchat’s text box. Now you are unrestricted with its character limit. You can type as many lines as you have permitted in the notes app. We think this should be in the list of “Most Needed Snapchat Hacks”. No?

HACK 7 – Find out Hidden Colors

Colors will be shown if you click on the pen icon that is located on upper right-hand corner. You can choose any color whichever goes with your snap.

However Black and White are not available in the rainbow icon. So if you wish to draw in black: Tap the pen icon, hold and drag your finger downwards to the left-hand corner.

Draw in white: Same as with white color, but slightly different. Just drag your finger upwards to the left-hand corner.

This is one of the coolest Snapchat hacks which mostly users are not aware of.  Black and White are those shades which we frequently use because of their prominence and clarity may be.

HACK 8 – Send Cash through Snapchat

Do you think it’s a joke? No its not! Snapchat has just partnered with another company Square Cash for easy online money transference. If you wish to send cash to any of your friend, just simply tap on $ sign and an amount into the subject line, press send icon. And you’re done! Click here for more info.

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Not to be ignored, it’s necessary to link your debit card as the exact amount will be withdrawn from your bank account. THIS IS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!

So.. our list of “Snapchat Hacks and Tricks” comes to an end. Hope we have enlightened you enough about this app. For more social media tricks and tips follow me here.

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