A Complete Travel Guide to Visit Ziarat

A Complete Travel Guide to Visit Ziarat

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and is home to a fair share of the beautiful landscapes that the South Asian country is blessed with. Among these is Ziarat which is the capital of the Ziarat District.

Ziarat valley seems to encapture everything in its folds as it is one of the top destinations which travelers explore and wander about when they visit Balochistan. Jovago Pakistan has compiled a complete travel guide for those people who are planning to travel to Ziarat Valley.

History behind the valley name

The word ‘Ziarat’ basically means shrine and it seems that the place got its name from the shrines that are situated in the nearby area. Various saints are said to have resided in the valley.


Ziarat is basically a hill station which is located at an approximate altitude of 8000 feet. It is located at a distance of 122 kilometers from Quetta which is the provincial capital of Balochistan.


The Ziarat valley is covered by the Junipers trees that the are widely spread across the valley. The Juniper trees are considered to be among the oldest trees in the world. This is one reason why Ziarat valley is considered to be the home of the world’s second largest Juniper forest. When the area is covered with the blanket of snow in the winter season, the valley portrays an enchanting view to the travelers. Apart from the Juniper trees, several other rare species of flora and fauna are found in the area including the Ephedra herb and the Chakor partridge.

Popular Tourist spots

  • Quaid-E-Azam Residency

The founder of Pakistan had a particular liking of the Ziarat Valley which can be seen from the fact that he spent his last days residing in this valley. The Quaid e Azam residency is not only of historical importance but the spot enthralls the visitors with its sheer beauty. Chinar trees amidst the lush green lawns provide a striking view of the whole valley.

  • Prospect Point

This tourist spot is located at a distance of 6 km from Ziarat. Although the spot is accessible through roads, travelers and wanderers prefer to walk in order to get spell bounded by the views that the area possesses.

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