Birthday Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Love

Birthday Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will LoveBuying a birthday gift for your girlfriend is similar to playing Mine craft on your computer, it can go extremely well but it can go in the opposite direction and lead to a terrible explosion. If you do it right, you will get the warmest hug of all and she will have the chance to brag about it to her friends over coffee, but if you do it wrong… She will look at you with a look colder than ever and say “Well, it is fine. I like it”. Do not fall for that trap, it is never fine – it can be either great or awful. Soon enough you will become the topic of “Oh my god, how could he”, stories and she will want redemption. Do not worry, we will be the Robin to your Batman and help avoid such terrifying scenario.

Wrap Up Some Memories

Every girl is if just a bit sentimental and she will enjoy a nicely wrapped up package of memories. It can be a thoughtful photo album, a scrapbook with some meaningful moments of your relationship, a framed photo of you two, etc. It can be interesting to print your first photo ever, with the one you took just the other day.

Make New Memories

If there is anything better than getting back to old memories that is definitely creating new memories together. So, think about some place where she wants to go, book tickets, get her “of the hook” at work or college, and surprise her with an opened suitcase and a pair of tickets on her bed. You can also go for a concert or some adrenaline adventure together…

Encourage Her Hobbies

If your special girl has some special interest like photography, drawing, doing sports, dancing, etc. you can make her very happy if you buy her a birthday gift that will encourage her to pursue her dreams. If it is photography that can be a new lens or tripod, for sports – a stylish gym bag, for dance – a pair of dancing shoes or a dance course, etc.

Something for Her Home

A home is truly where the heart is and women are very attached to those special little things that make home a home, like wall clocks, photo frames, vases, coffee mugs, etc. Seek special and unique designer homeware gifts to make her home even prettier and a true reflection of her personality.

Help Her Relax

A girl needs some time to gather up her energy and at least one day of complete relaxation. You can get her a spa-day voucher or you can be her personal spa. That one day, do not allow her to do anything, massage her, prepare her a bubbly bath, bring her a glass of wine, a box of her favorite chocolate…

Get Personal

Who does not love a good thoughtful personalized birthday gift? This will make your significant other feel special and loved. Get her some piece of jewelry with her name engraved or the date when you met, a personalized t-shirt with a catchy phrase, her favorite quote or some inside joke, can also make a great birthday gift.

A Romantic Getaway

You cannot go wrong with this (unless your idea of a romantic getaway is a cowboy ranch where you will lasso the cattle). She will be equally excited about a weekend at some hotel nearby and an exotic cruise. If you can afford to choose, take her to some place where she always wanted to go and never had the chance, if that is France, let it be France – as Audrey Hepburn said: “Paris is always a good idea”.

We think that we have got you covered enough. Our mission here is done. Now go get something that will make your incredible girlfriend incredibly happy, you can thank us later.


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Peter Minkoff

Peter Minkoff

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