Changing Perceptions About Online Travel Websites

Changing Perceptions About Online Travel WebsitesWith the wide adoption of e-commerce in travel and tourism industry, the internet has become an important channel for service delivery. The traditional travel agencies that devise the entire trip for the traveler,  including tickets, accommodation and itinerary, are still widely functioning in Pakistan. Apart from this, travel service providers are also shifting towards online travel service. This can be seen as a positive initiative as the internet usage has majorly increased nowadays.

The problem that still persists is the idea of moving from traditional travel agencies to online travel services. Online services are highly believed to be insecure and unauthentic. We can’t blame the general public to have this attitude due to many fraudulent activities that occurred through online websites. The good part is that these activities are fading as online security is being increased by various checks. The difficult part, however, is to change people’s perceptions about online travel websites.

Online travel websites include airplane/train/metro tickets, hotel booking, car rental service, details of tourist destinations and online guides. These websites remove the agent in the middle and makes it easier for the traveler to search, review, select and book for themselves. Booking transportation is the easiest as they have their own websites where you can search for your best possible option. There are several websites that display cheap rates. Similarly, there are many online hotels booking websites that display a number of hotels throughout Pakistan. is the first and leading online hotel booking platform with more than 2000 hotels on its portfolio.

Not only booking, but searching for the best tourist destinations, things to do and different guides about traveling, are all present on different travel blogs. Travel agents have a limited selection of hotels and packages. With online travel websites, you have full control over organizing your holiday trip. So, what are you waiting for, get online and get going.

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