Cultivate Diplomacy

Cultivate Diplomacy - Rules of workThe topic “Cultivate Diplomacy” has been taken from the book “Rules of work” which was written by Richard Templar, originally published in 2003. It is a simple informative approach on how to handle yourself and other people in the time of conflict. There are few rules of work one must know while working in any organization.

If you want to get noticed and to earn respect from your peers then try to be diplomat. If two of your colleagues are fighting over something you can ask any question in order to throw the heat out of the situation. They will think about answering you and will switch their attention from the opponent. In any conflict it is very necessary to be a diplomatic and should not take side of any party. When you decide to take sides then you consider yourself to be a part of that conflict as well. Stay on the fence whatever you do, because if you don’t, then one side will blame you.

It is a common thing to have an opinion but if you don’t know the situations then keep quite. Only share your opinion when you think that it will make a difference or it seems effective. Comfort the situation. Make everyone a cup of coffee, open a window, and clear the air. If you are trying to comfort any subordinate then make few jokes, and cheer him up. But when it comes to your boss, he should be treated differently. Do whatever you do just don’t criticize your boss at any cost. Never ever lose your temper for the sake of your job. Loss of temper means loss of control. The simple remedy is to leave the office for awhile or take excuse from the situation.

You can criticize the way they do their job, their attitude, their motivation, their communication skills, their long-term goals. But you can’t say they are lazy, ignorant or good for nothing. Don’t get personal in organizational environment.

First thing to keep in mind that no one can bully you, tease you or torment you in any way. You are an employee. If you are being abused and tormented at work, you can walk away, report it, say nothing or handle it assertively. Stand your ground and don’t lose your temper. That’s how you can be diplomatic and successful.


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Sana Khan

Sana Khan

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