Famous Blogs Of Pakistan

Top 10 Famous Blogs Of PakistanAs e-commerce is growing and spreading widely in Pakistan, there has been an increase in the number of blogs on fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, technology and more. Let’s look at the top 10 of such blogs that have made their mark in their respective field.

1- Geo Tau Aisay

Geo Tau Aisay is considered as no.1 in the category of top 10 blogs of Pakistan. Ever since 2009, Geo Tau Aisay has discussed different issues within Pakistan such as: politics, security, travel, games, economy, technology, or external issues round the world effecting Pakistan and Pakistanis directly or indirectly.

2- Phone World

Phone world is a website that mainly focuses on the IT & Telecom industry. Their objective is to play a vital role in this era of mobile technology since it has the power to connect people together for collective progress and socioeconomic development of the country.

3- Pro Pakistani

Pro Pakistani is a blog that provides you with the latest happenings from Pakistan’s Telecom and IT Industry. Their mission is to objectively report with facts and figures, to inform and educate readers about anything that encircles Telecom and IT and to protect consumer rights.

4- Daily the Patroit

The chief publisher and editor is Sardar Khan Niazi. They post daily E-papers, covering national and international news about a diverse range of topics.

5- Shafaqna

Shafaqna is an international News agency that primarily focuses on publishing news covering almost everything. It began in 2012, and posts its articles in five different languages: English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Turkish.

6- Trending In Social

Trending in social is a social media agency that focuses on working with businesses of all sizes to help them create and manage their social media pages. They’re all about social media and business, offering social media marketing, management, training and research.

7- Paktech Insider

Since its inception in 2011, Paktech Insider has established a reputation for publishing exclusive and original content relating to Technology, Local Telecom, Education, Fashion and Entertainment Sports. It has not compromised on quality, becoming the most reliable source of 7th Category News.

8- Shughal

Its advisors and contributors are situated throughout the Middle East, aiming to provide you with positive and inspiring content about Pakistan and a various variety of topics to brighten your day. These include fashion, entertainment, luxury, and people’s favorite local brands.

9- Daily Pakistan

Daily Pakistan is a news publishing website, constantly keeping you up to date with not only Pakistani news but also events that occur around the globe! In addition, they post articles revealing the hidden gems of Pakistan and its true beauty.


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