Favouritism In Universities

Favouritism In UniversitiesUniversity is an institution that provides higher education to every individual. University provides a platform where an individual can get accomplishment in future life. The main purpose is to provide them education in a specific field in which they are interested. If we talk about Pakistan, there are more than 100 public and private universities situated in different cities. Every year thousands of students are getting degrees in Medical, Engineering, and Business administration (Bachelors and Masters) etc.
Beside that there are many experience and eligible teachers available in universities including PHDs, Engineers and Doctors Etc. They provide education to students along with their experience. They do not provide knowledge which is written in books only but they also provide their own experience which are very helpful for the students in upcoming life and also provide them support in every aspect of academic life. If a student gets this type of knowledge and support from the teachers he or she performs well in his or her educational life. Hence we can say that teachers play a significant role in academic performance of the students.
Teachers are the main foundation for student’s academic performance but there are many students who are not satisfy although they are working hard but they are not able to increase their academic performance. Although teachers are providing them good quality knowledge related to their field but students are not getting reasonable grades or GPA.
There are many reasons but the key reason which is very common now days is a presence of FAVORITISM between teachers and students. Teachers are now favoring students over others. A student who is favored by teacher can get good grades easily. This is one of the main factor that effects the student’s academic performance.
This is the most common emerging issue in Pakistan. Students are working hard but they are not appreciated by the teachers. Teachers are creating biasness among students and they are favoring some students over others. If a student is favored by teacher he or she gets good grades easily and other students are not appreciated on their work. It creates dissatisfaction among students that they are not valued.
Due to this behavior of teachers, student feels disappointment and it creates direct impact in their performance. Now they are not interested in working effectively because they know that what would be the outcome. They are wasting their skills and it will create a bad impact on their future life.
If a teacher treats students equally and provide them support then the result would be different. The academic performance of students will increase. Every student will work hard because he knows that he would be respected and appraised. He or she will utilize his or her skills and it helps in creating a better professional future. The success of a student lies upon the teachers because it is a teacher who makes a student successful.
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