The Future Of Tecno Mobile In Africa Market

The_Future_Of_Tecno_Mobile_Africa_MarketI can’t forget my first Android based Tecno smart phone. It was a black Tecno T3 smart phone I bought in the year 2011. That was four years ago and from experience four years is a long time in the life of a Smart phone company. With many competition for market share in Africa, I want to take a look at the future of Tecno Android Phones and how much of the market it once dominates, it will be able to retain.
My love for Android started with the T3 Tecno smart phone which was running the version 2.3 of the Android operating system then. It is a 3.5 inches, 128 megabytes device which back camera was without a flash “that will be also impossible today”. I won’t want to go into its details but it was a phone I loved. As poor as the configuration was, I paid sixteen thousand Naira for it “I was using a Nokia E5” four years ago. Soon after, Tecno started coming out with lots of other products and eventually flooded the market with different categories of Android based smart phones that range between eleven thousand to over forty thousand Naira.
Also, according to a 2014 report, Tecno is the second highest smart phone sold across Africa. Samsung “another Android based device” is first and the powerful Iphone is third. But Tecno might not be able to retain the second position for long. Or Tecno might need to do more to retain the second position. This might be due to the following reasons.
Quality Of Products

Tecno like all other phone manufacturers pride itself over the quality of its devices. But I have seen a lot of their products with broken screens and power switch problem. I sometimes don’t blame them because it is hard to produce a top quality product and sell at a rock bottom price like 12, 000 naira. My last tecno F5 developed a power switch problem with the first year of usage and that made me to switch to another Android based manufacturer.

Over The Air Updates

Yeah, I mean system updates or any other updates that might be necessary. A lot of existing products is still lacking the ability to update over the air. This is the ability to push update to users and have them download and install wirelessly. A lot of Africans are beginning to seriously  ask for phones with such ability. They are helpful in fixing bugs quickly and improving the capabilities of the smart phone.

Phone makers like Infinix, blackberry, Samsung and many more are constantly pushing updates to the users of their products. Infinix which is a close competitor has even went a step further by making it latest phone “Infinix hot 2” an Android One device. One of the benefits is that whenever there is an update, it will be made available by Google to the phone ahead of other phones.


The biggest factor that might affect the sales of Tecno products across Africa will be that of competition that now exist in the market. When I bought my first Android four years ago, unless you are going for a product from high end manufacturer like Samsung, there wasn’t much option to choose from. Today, the market is flood with so many Android powered smart phones. Injoo, Infinix, Itel, RLG are all fighting for space with Tecno. Hawaii and Lenovo are also gearing up to take a bigger slice of the same Africa  market. XIAOMI will be coming to Africa this month and Nokia is working on a launch with the Android based Nokia C1. There are many other manufacturers that I am yet to mention. The competition is good for the public but might affect the profitability of Tecno.

Economic Factor

As the economies of Africa countries continue to grow, the people continue to get richer. This might have effect of the way they shop and the type of device they spend their money on. With improved financial status, a lot of Africans will begin to purchase high end products from Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Iphone and others. An increase in the purchase of such products by Africans will definitely reduce the number of low end and mid range devices purchased by them. A lot of people want to use top quality smart phones but they are restricted by their financial constraints.

The major solution for growth, available for Tecno and other Africa focused Smart Phone manufacturers is to penetrate new markets across Africa and the Middle East. There are still lots of countries within the Middle East and Africa sub regions that is yet to be saturated.

Tecno must also improve the quality of their devices and the experience of users of such devices. When a user enjoys a product, he will recommend it for someone else to buy.
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