Genius Tactics for Hiding Valuables While Traveling

Genius Tactics for Hiding Valuables While TravelingAmidst the excitement and the yearning to explore the new place, one tends to forget about keeping their possessions safe. Safety of one’s luggage is one of the key aspects of traveling. These days, many tourist spots are brimming with adroit pickpockets therefore, to ensure maximum safety of your valuable possessions during travel, read through the following tactics compiled by Jovago Pakistan that can greatly help you in keeping your stuff safe while on voyage.

1-Zipper within the waist belt

You must be wondering how one can hide valuables in a belt? Well, there are belts which come with inner zipper closure compartments that are a perfect hiding spot for your cash and spare keys. By using these belts, the need to wear those easy to see fanny packs is eradicated.

2-Stash Cards in your smartphone case

This tactic is a very smart way to keep all your cards safe in one place. Through this technique, you would not even need to spend money on purchasing anything as you can just hide your important cards in your mobile phone’s case. This will not only help you to keep your cards safe but will also keep your smartphone protected at all times.

3-Flip flops with slot

If you are into the conventional way of hiding money in shoes, then instead of stashing money in your socks you should get some flip flops which are quite popular these days. These are usually available in various colors and they come with a built-in section which is big enough to conceal your money and cards.  While purchasing some of these flops, you get a free card-sized travel tool that includes a metal wrench, saw, ruler, bottle opener and sun compass. However, beware of the places where you are not allowed to wear these slippers.

If you have any other tricks that you have ever used to hide your valuables, then do share with us in the comment section below.


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