Ideas to Celebrate World Tourism Day This Year

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This September 27th, people from around the world will join hands to celebrate diversity of beautiful landscapes and cultures globally. If you are a travel enthusiast, or if you believe in the magic of traveling, then it is a perfect day to make your contribution to take this world a step ahead in promoting sustainable tourism.

If there are no events taking place in your vicinity regarding the celebration of this day and you are wondering how you can celebrate, sweat not for Jovago Pakistan provides you a couple of very fulfilling and doable ideas to make this day a memorable one.

  1. Go on a voyage

It goes without saying, there can be no better way to feel the spirit of the tourism day without going on a travel yourself. Visit the picturesque valleys of your beautiful country and reflect on how much mother nature has to offer to all the voyage enthusiasts. Try and visit the relatively unknown and undiscovered tourist places to feel the thrill of visiting the unexplored. In case you are troubled with the thoughts of arranging for your accommodations, check out that provides hotels and guest houses in more than 160 cities of the country and at even the remotest of all locations.

  1. Make a travel resolution

Planning for a travel is almost as important as heading for a travel! Many times, most of us are unable to realize our travel plans because we are unable to plan for it in the first place. Take a notebook and a pen and list down all the places that you wish to travel to. It is only once you know where to travel can you make it a possibility.

  1. Donate to make someone’s travel dreams a reality

Imagine the feeling of waking up one day to know that your travel dreams are no longer just an aspiration but a reality! Be the one to sponsor someone’s travel. After all, the act of giving is as fulfilling as being on travel yourself.

  1. Recollect all your travel memories and reconnect with your travel buddies

Nothing seems as fascinating and fun as reliving your past travel memories. Hunt all the past travel snapshots, autograph diaries and any souvenirs that you have collected during your voyage. Get in contact with your travel buddies and tell them know how much you miss those golden travel moments that you spent together.

 Have more ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!