Manage your Blogspot account using an Android Smartphone

Manage your Blogspot account using an Android SmartphoneWhenever the word bloggers is mentioned now, it is like you are making a call for mass actions. When the concept started some years ago, it was more of a pastime activities for some not too busy people around the world. But that was before blogging became a lucrative business and highly monetized. Today, there seems to be more bloggers writing articles than readers ready to sit down and read them. The competition is stiffer within the blogging community for every blogger to quickly and accurately present news, articles and opinion to the reading public.

A typical blogger tool kit must definitely includes; Computer System, Internet Connection and a digital camera. All this are needed to capture, analyze and present information to the general public in a manner which they can easy access and understand. But how many times will a blogger now move around with all this devices in this world where information is rapidly changing. The advancement in the development of smartphones is now happening to fill up the role of the devices. The smartphone can easy do the job of a text editor, capture/create images, post articles online and finally the smartphone can the used to manage your blog. As a blogger, i mostly use my android powered smartphone to post articles to my blog. which is on the Google blogspot platform and the following are the major apps I use to achieve this.

Mobile Office Suit: The starting point for all great articles is the text editor. The typing and formatting of the article must be done properly so as to have an article that will be neat and informative to the readers. I use WPS OFFICE android application to type and format my post on the Android smartphone. It is available for download on the Android Play Store. There are other applications that can do this too. So just get yourself familiar with any Office Suit and off you go.

Note: You must be able to use this application to do simple task like justification and setting line spacing. Creating tables might be a bit technical but tables are rarely required unless your post is statistical in nature.

Internet Browser: After typing the whole article, you will still need a platform to access your blogspot account. The Google Blogger application is to poor for me. The application doesn’t usually present my articles in a professional way. I therefore prefer to access my account with a good mobile internet browser. I mostly use the Chrome Browser to do this. Another great browser you can use is the CM browser. Both browsers are available for download at the Google Play store. They will both give you the same experience you get if you are browsing on your personal computer.

Note: Some mobile internet browsers will not work as expected. This two will give you the same interface you get when working on the computer system.

Image Editing Software: No matter how you get the image(s) for you blog post, it is very likely that you will need to edit the image to a certain degree. All that is required here might be basic but it is definitely beyond the level of cropping that the inbuilt image viewer can do on an android GSM phone. To create a unique image and get it to a good size for upload, you might need to get a third party application. I use Photo Editor to do all this. It is another android application that is available from the play store. At least it is good enough for my mobile image editing.

Note: There is many other photo editing software with great features for most Android OS platforms. Just make sure, you have a good knowledge of any application you choose to use.

We all have our different ways of getting internet connectivity to our GSM phones. Using a Wifi connection or your GSM service provider internet will just serve the purpose as required.  With a good understanding of the above, the task of running your blogger account anywhere and at anytime will become easy. You won’t need to wait till you have access to a computer system before you can post great articles or manage your post.

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