Most Memorable One Of A Kind Wedding Cakes

Most Memorable One Of A Kind Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are the centerpieces for this ceremony. They give a personal touch and reflect the creativity of the bride and groom, as well as their perception of aesthetics. In the past years, there have been a lot of new and imaginative trends in the decoration of wedding cakes, but also the confectionery skills of pastry chefs have reach such a level that they surpass every imagination.

Elegant off-white two tier creations have gone to history, as we now have edible works of art that defy all laws of physics. What is more, they are visually stunning and delightfully tasteful at the same time. Some of the most popular trends include the following:

Upside-Down Cake

Most Memorable One Of A Kind Wedding Cakes - Upside Down Cake

If you are looking for that ‘wow’ effect, try an upside-down cake. Otherwise known as chandelier cakes, these are architectural marvels that defy gravity. At a first glance, they seem unreal. However, pastry chefs have revealed the secret of constructing these cakes. They are placed on an upside-down tiered cake stand, which is then hooked onto the support system. The tricky part here is the transportation, but that should not be your problem. Since these cakes are meant to represent a chandelier, they go best with hanging crystals and other bling decorations.

Naked Wedding Cake

Most Memorable One Of A Kind Wedding Cakes - Naked Wedding Cake

A cake without fondant or butter cream – would not it be a little unsightly? Actually, these naked delicacies make perfect cake images that you will later proudly show to others. Due to the bareness and simplicity of the basic structure, they allow more freedom in choosing the ornaments. This is what makes them very versatile. They can be rustic or elegant, abundant in decor, or have just one or two effective details. It is a modern twist on the traditional wedding cake.

If you are having a vineyard boho chic wedding, a naked cake decorated with sprigs and herbs would fit in perfectly. Sprinkle the cake with pomegranate seeds for a simple yet refined combination of sweetness and freshness. Or cover it with delicious berries for a more luscious taste. If you are looking for something more whimsical, go for colored-pastry cake. What do you say about an ombre-effect cake?

Art Inspired Wedding Cakes

Most Memorable One Of A Kind Wedding Cakes - Art Inspired Wedding Cakes

Who is your favorite painter or sculptor? Would not it be perfect to have a cake inspired by their art? After all, wedding cakes are designed to be exhibited, just like art. Lately, we have seen many famous and less famous works of art transferred into wedding cakes. From Dutch Golden Age and French post-impressionism, to pop art and symbolism inspired sugary delights.

Miniature Wedding Cakes

Most Memorable One Of A Kind Wedding Cakes -Miniature Wedding Cakes

There was a time when you had to pick only one flavor for your wedding cake. Luckily those days are over. Miniature wedding cakes can be baked in a range of flavors to suit every guest’s taste and requests. A tower of mini wedding cakes or iced cupcakes can be as effective as a single big cake since there are many creative ways to decorate them and stack them in elaborate and spectacular formations. These tiny cakes can also serve as wedding favors that your guests can take home as a reminder of your special day.

If you are concerned about the cake budget, mini cakes are a perfect way to save money on the cutting fee that some venues charge per guest. If you do not want to skip the traditional cutting of the cake with your new spouse, you can have one slightly bigger one-tier cake just for the two of you.
Have you picked out your wedding cake already? Is it going to be a traditional one, or perhaps one of the above?

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