Murree – The Queen of Hills

Murree - The Queen of HillsThe most popular hill station of Pakistan, Murree, is the first name that comes in mind when we think about a holiday trip within the country. There are hardly a few people who still couldn’t have the chance of visiting the queen of hill stations. The pleasant weather, beautiful sceneries, various tourist attractions, delectable local food, wildlife parks and lush greenery are exactly what you want from a holiday destination.

We are pretty aware about the beauty of Murree and the countless reasons to visit it. This article will highlight a few interesting facts about the hill station that you might haven’t heard of before but are associated with Murree. Let’s dig in!

  • Murree’s early development was in 1851 by President of the Punjab Administrative Board, Sir Henry Lawrence. It was initially established as a sanatorium for British troops garrisoned on the Afghan frontier. A sanatorium is a medical facility for any kind of long-term illness. Officially, the municipality was created in 1850.
  • Although Murree is a hill station and a top tourist destination, many rare animals can be found here. One example is the leopard, which inhabits the neighboring Galiyat region. Other common animals are the Rhesus Monkey, foxes and various species of pheasant.
  • Murree consists of 92 villages altogether that are divided into five zones. The five zones include Phulgran, Charhan, Dewal, Kotli and Karor.
  • Dhund (Abbasi) tribe has occupied most of the rural areas of Murree. Apart from the local tribes, several people of differing castes used to live in Murree as tenants of these local tribes. They have now become land owners and run their own businesses in Murree.
  • Murree has the most famous apple produce that are exported throughout the world. These apples not only taste delicious but have the best quality.
  • Ausia is one of the 92 villages in the Murree Tehsil with a literacy rate of above 90%, making it the most educated village in Pakistan.

Weren’t these facts really exciting and new to you? If there is any interesting fact that you know about Murree, let us know by commenting below.