Now that’s called a Change

Now that called a changeEveryone wants to see change in society. They see society full of threats in terms of target killings, snatching, corruption, and misuse of power, bribe and many others. Every individual of society has faced threat by any means from childhood to old age. If a person has power of something he or she is misusing it freely without thinking about others.

Starting from the student’s life, students are not also free from these threat. A student who has not worked hard over the year and passed his examination with source or by giving bribe gets the same result as a student who has worked hard over the year and passed his examination by his own efforts. After completing education it is very difficult for them to get the job not because of the competition although it is the main factor but there is also some sort of corruption. A person who has a source gets the job easily either he or she does not qualify for that job and a student who deserve the job faces difficulty in getting the job because he or she does not have any source regarding the job.

If a person has succeeded in getting the job there are some other threats that has made their life difficult including bribe, snatching and target killing etc. Many peoples are forced to give bribe in order to get their work done. In this society every individual supposed to have some sort of source to get their work done otherwise without giving bribe it is very difficult for them. In this society individual from lower class to upper class are involved in some sort of corruption like when their time comes they do fraud or take negative advantage of the situation. Everyone in this society is fighting for a win over others.

Now the question arises when it will end? It will end when there is no corruption or misuse of power but how it is going to be possible? Currently everyone wants to have a change in society but how the change will come? Everyone thinks of changing world but no one thinks of changing himself. Change will not come if we wait for some other person actually we are the ones that we have been waiting for. Actually we are the ones who created a society and we are the ones who can change it by starting it from our self.

Just think; are we part of corruption? Do we misuse our powers? If yes then we must need to change that attitude firstly own self, so we are able to change society. That’s called a real change which we bring in our self.

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Ahsan Tariq

Ahsan Tariq

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