Places You Absolutely Can’t Afford to Miss While Visiting Punjab

Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of population and the second largest province in terms of area. The province provides a stunning portrait of various colors of life. Be it the lush greenery that seems to have no boundaries or the mighty rivers that flow and later on merge as one river, Punjab has got it all.

To help people, who will be traveling to the beautiful province in the near future, to get the most out of their visit, Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of all the stunning places in Punjab.

  • Noor Mahal

The stunning white pearl palace, made by the Nawab of Bahawalpur for his wife, serves as an enthralling representation of modern architecture. The Palace is currently used by Pakistan Army as a guest house.

  • Lahore Fort

Also known as the Shahi Qila, this fort is one of the most prominent buildings of the Mughal architecture. It is not only one of the most popular tourist spots in Lahore but it is also on the list of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites.

  • Harappa

One of the two archeological sites of the famous Indus Valley civilization, Harappa is located in the floodplain of River Ravi. It is situated at a distance of approximately 35 kilometers from the city of Sahiwal.

  • Wagah border

Wagah border, situated on the Great Trunk Road, serves as a separation of the Pakistani side of the Punjab from the Indian Punjab. It is not only an important Pakistani landmark but it also is a popular tourist spot. Every evening, the flag lowering ceremony of the Pakistani and Indian flags takes place which is attended by a large number of people.

  • Ghanta Ghar

Known as the Clock Tower in English, this site is an important tourist destination in the city of Faisalabad. It is among those oldest surviving monuments belonging to the period of British rule. Located in the older part of the city, the clock tower is at the center of Faisalabad’s eight markets.

  • Khewra salt mines

The city of Khewra is home to the world’s second largest salt mines. It is located in the district of Jhelum. The salt mines have an electric train that takes tourists on a tour of the place. Tourists take stunning salt carvings back home, to  remind them of the beautiful mines.

If you have any other tourist destination that you think is a must visit, then do share it with us in the comment section below.