Precautions To Take While On That Shiny New Hoverboard

Precautions To Take While On That Shiny New HoverboardIf you are among those who received a brand new hoverboard, consider yourself lucky. Now you can enjoy cruising down the street without much effort. But, with great power comes great responsibility. Before you start your journey, there are things you should know about it. Learning how to ride a hoverboard takes time, and you should take it step by step. You probably have a few questions so let us skip straight to answering them.

Is Your Hoverboard Genuine?

The demand for hoverboards is rising nowadays, and you can find them being sold at every corner. Knowing which one is genuine could be quite a problem. Is it the one sold for $400 or the one sold for $1500? To answer the question, you have to understand that unless you open one up, you cannot tell if it is genuine or not. To establish whether yours is genuine, you have to see its battery. Most fake hoverboards have bad batteries that last less than half than the original ones. Genuine hoverboards have original battery inside, and can be purchased from reputable stores. That is the only way you can ensure you will get the top quality hoverboard for your dollar.

Places To Ride It?

Most people wonder if hoverboards are street legal. Can you ride them wherever you want? Well, if they are not illegal in your country, you can. The only way to find that out is to check with the local police and see what the law states on hoverboards. If you see others riding it as well, you are free to do it yourself. Look for straight roads without many bumps or obstacles and do not interfere with the traffic.

Are You Abusing Your Hoverboard?

They are designed for smooth cruising. Trying to do tricks with it, or dropping down the stairs will not work. In fact, by doing anything other than gliding on a smooth surface, you increase the chances of it getting damaged or broken. Also, pay attention not to crash it into things. It takes time to master the hoverboard, so start slowly and take it easy. Even if you fall a couple of times, do not give up and find your balance. Soon, you will be able to enjoy gliding on your new hands free hoverboard segway.

How To Properly Charge Them?

The most common mistake about charging a hoverboard is doing it overnight. Cellphones and other gadgets have a different battery, which stops sucking up power from the outlet once the device is full. That is why we leave them to charge overnight. With hoverboard it is not worth taking the risk and leaving it to recharge for more than 4 hours. It usually charges for 2 to 4 hours, and afterwards should be unplugged from the charger. There are two reasons behind it: to ensure that your battery lasts long and to avoid it potentially getting caught on fire. Just remember not to charge it overnight and not to overcharge it.

How To Ride It?

This is the hardest part for it requires perfect balance. Start by having your safety gear on. Step on it properly and stand correctly, with the widest stance possible. Do not bend your knees. Look straight ahead, not at your shoes, and try to relax. Lean a bit forward and it will start gliding. To stop, simply lean backward and once it stops, step back to get off. It is as simple as that. Make sure you have a straight posture all the time and you look forward.

Hoverboards are both a great gift and a thing to have. As any other expensive gadget, it should be used with caution and taken care of. DO not abuse it or overcharge it, and have fun rolling down the street.


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