Reconsider your Traveling Plans before Black Friday!

Reconsider your Traveling Plans before Black FridayIf you’ve abandoned your traveling dreams because of budget constraints then NOW is the time to reconsider what you’re potentially missing out on.

Traveling is a blissful, educational, relaxing and rejuvenating experience that reminds people who’ve gotten trapped in the 9-5 routine what life really has to offer. To make sure that you don’t suffocate the opportunities that traveling brings with itself, – An online travel portail in Pakistan – is taking a leading initiative to make you pursure you dreams.

The whole idea behind is to make travelling affordable for the common man. To introduce discounts and deals that offer travelers the best rates in town and packages that are suited to every individual’s budget. Hence, whenever a sale or event comes to Pakistan this brand jumps at the opportunity! After the tremendous success of the Google Online Shopping Festival (GOSF), is now coming back with a BANG with Black Friday!

Leading brands in Pakistan will all be offering amazing deals and discounts on Black Friday, which is scheduled to take place on the last Friday of the month – 25th November. Onthis event will be offering 50% off on domestic hotels, 10% on international hotels and travelers will also be able to avail discount vouchers of PKR 1,000/-and PKR 5,000/- on domestic and international flights respectively.

This travel portal is leaving no stone unturned to make traveling an affordable and hassle-free affair to real push the Pakistani audience to look beyond themselves and explore the world beyond their borders. On Black Friday shoppers will have only 24 hours  to avail the unbelievable discounts that will be up for grabs, hence the facility of online shopping will really prove to be a plus point!