Tallest Man and Women on Earth

World Tallest Man and Women on Earth

This type of information always create interest and it entertain us, there are millions of people in our surrounding but some of them are really different from all. Like these two people, they are the world tallest man and women on earth. Let see what uniqueness has grabbed the attention of audience.

Tallest Man:

Sultan Kosen

world tallest man

-Sultan Kosen is the tallest man living in Turkey who was measured 251cm which means 8ft 2.8inches on February 2011.

-Sultan Kosen is the man who beat all the former tallest man and made the Guinness World Record of the tallest man ever.

-Before Kosen, there were Bao Xishum who stand tall with 7ft 9in but after that Kosen came and  he made many records like, world largest hand of 27.5cm and second world largest left feet of 36.5cm.

-He was the first part time farmer over 8ft to be measured in over 20 years by Guinness World Records on 9 February, 2011.

Tallest Man on earth

The problem is that he has a chronic metabolic disorder which causes too much growth hormone until 2012 he was continuously growing according to the researchers of University of Virginia Medical Center.

Speaking at the time of his entry into the Guinness World Records family he said: ‘I never imagined I would be in the book, I dreamed about it, but it was still a huge surprise’.

The good thing is sooner or later he will be going to arrive in Hollywood to act as a leading role in upcoming movie, Achieving the Impossible.

Tallest Women:

Zeng Jinlian

World tallest women

-Zeng Jinlian is the tallest women and she was living in China and were 8 ft 1.175 inches tall.

-She was born on 25 June 1964 and she died as a teenager in 13 February 1982. At the time of her dead she was just 17 years old.

-She was the second tallest girl. The first was the Jane Bunford which was 7ft 11 inches tall but Zeng broke the record. She also broke the record of the tallest man Robert Wadlow.

Tallest Women

However due to medical disorder named as spinal deviation due to which she couldn’t stand straight.

Her abnormality began from the age of four months and stood 5ft 1.5 inches before her fourth birthday and when she was at the age of 13 her hand measure 25 cm and feet were 35.5cm in length.

She was also diagnoses as a diabetes and pituitary tumor which cause her death at the early age.

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