Why I am Selfish

Why I am SelfishIn this world every person live for himself most of the time people think about their selves so they make mistakes sometime they realize actually what they did so they apologize with others but most of the time they didn’t realize their mistakes but it is human nature no one can be perfect in this world, but it doesn’t mean that they are selfish. I’m talking about those people who always make mistake and never feel guilty, instead they overreact on their sin. Every single person in this world is playing a role of hero in his own life but nobody knows what price he’s paying for being alive. Does it sound strange?

Everyone is in a race to achieve goals and objectives of their life, to achieve their destination they use other people as a medium because they want to make their life peaceful, luxurious and comfortable. These types of people are so mean and selfish. They don’t care about the emotions of others, they only think about their work which is superior for them

This world is so selfish, if you say that you’re not selfish then certainly you are lying to yourself. Let’s start evaluation from your side. You make friends because you want someone to help you, you need someone who should be there for you whenever you need them, but if your best friend ignores you once or maybe he’s busy at the same time when you need him/her more then you will start disliking him/her. This is common human nature whenever you get hurt by someone, you react on it. There are some people who ignore the reaction of their love once and don’t react but actually they are hurting themselves by not expressing it.

Nowadays money has become a necessity for everyone, a person who belongs from elite class he has more socialization in the world in the comparison of lower class person don’t you think that this type of though make people selfish. Let’s take an example if a child of a lower class is in critical situation and his father needs money to save the life of his child. He will do everything to save the life of his child even he can become a criminal for money and this is what happing now a days in this world. Due to this we can say that we are selfish, because no one wants to lose their family

Someone rightly said that “the alone person in this world is the most powerful person”. We can take example that if we are alone then we learn many things because at that time we learn how to decrease our fear at that time we don’t have anything to lose. At that time we use our mind what to do and how to do, it can be use positively and negatively it doesn’t matter its right or wrong because we are the owner of our life we do everything for our self.

Now the question is that how can you make yourself better? You can start by clearing your heart from every bad incident you experienced. Try to help others and don’t expect anything in return from them because if you are expecting something in return then you are not helping them you are doing business with them. The humanity will be sold out for some money and every person has its own price. Don’t turn yourself in a negative person if you are with the person who thinks negatively you must have to control yourself don’t change yourself, face him and tell him that I’m not going to change because we are here not to be a negative person we are here to help other, this is the only way to create mind set and make people aware that why actually we are here in this world. This world really needs some good people because this world is full of negative people and if we want to make this world a peaceful place then we have to change our self at first place.

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