10 Easy Ways to Increase Twitter Followers for Free

10 Easy Ways to Increase Twitter Followers for FreeWho else wants to increase Twitter followers?

No matter if you are new on Twitter and desperately want to increase your followers list or you’ve been using Twitter since years, having more than 10k followers that ignore you and do not even notice what you post daily, that couldn’t be more annoying than this.

Not to be ignored, Twitter has numerous spam accounts, serial followers or bots you must have noticed or come across like if you don’t follow them back, they’ll UNFOLLOW you the next day. If you really wish to use Twitter so you’d have to wake up your ‘dead list’ simultaneously gain new followers that would be your true followers and not those spammy accounts.

Here I’ve mentioned simple 10 ways to increase Twitter followers; try incorporating them and you’ll gain an engaging followers list that wouldn’t only hear you but will actively spread your message.

1. Fill out your Twitter Bio

Foremost step to show your presence is to tell about yourself. It is next to impossible that you’ll gain new followers without even describing your interests, hobbies or occupation. Everyone wishes to have minimum following list and a huge followers list that means they’ll only follow you if you are according to their interests.

Your bio should include:

– What is your occupation and,
– What you mostly tweet about.

Twitter has only allowed 160 characters so make sure you smartly sum-up yourself and keep it relevant and sweet.

2. Tweet according to your followers’ interest

To gain new and retain old followers your first task is to select a niche market and then tweet daily. By narrowing down your niche, you will gain true followers without losing your old followers. It’s important that you post based on what your followers need to know so that they don’t lose interest and retweet you.

3. Use Twitter Directory: Twiends

At Twiends, you can easily add yourself and connect to people who share similar interests with you. It’s a directory, once you get listed, other users can quickly find and follow you. You can even use WeFollow and Twellow as well. Isn’t this a great way to increase Twitter followers?


4. Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtag is a great source to promote visibility. Don’t use useless hastags in a single tweet, search on popular hashtags that mostly people use in your industry. Also remember using too many irrelevant hashtags won’t increase twitter followers. For businesses, check out most common hashtags your competitors use.


5. Do Live-Tweeting

Get yourself involved in an ongoing conversation that’s totally relevant to your interest. Comment on news and tweets as this would be a great strategy to meet your ideal followers.

Again, to increase twitter followers it’s necessary to care about your existing followers, so pick and join discussions where your follower is injecting his voice.


6. Follow and Follow Back

Recently gained a new follower? Open his profile, give a quick look on his tweets and follow him back if he tweets according to your interests.

Following your followers promotes a personal feeling that indicates you notice people that follow you and take some time out to review them and then follow back.  Don’t forget if you wish to get popular on Twitter, you’d have to be as engaging with one another as you expect from other people.


7. Take/Upload Pictures

Its true pictures do captivate a human eye, so whatever social media platform you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest; pictures in form of memes, quotes will spread around quickly. So never forget to upload an image with your tweets.

For ‘on the go’ uploading, use iPhone apps Tweetie or Twitterific.


8. Referencing People

“@” indicates that you’re mentioning certain person in your reply/tweet. Develop a habit of tweeting at least 3 new people daily because people are much more likely to involve with your conversations/tweets when you mention their names.


9. Pin your Valuable Content

Pin an attention-grabbing tweet to the top so whenever people open your profile, exhibit your best-of-the-best that should encourage them to follow you back.


10. Send a Direct Message to every New Follower

Gained a new follower? DM him! Again this will promote a little personal touch that you noticed and cared about him. Just write a simple Thank you statement and never use DM to spam.

These were the simplest ways to increase Twitter followers and if you lose any follower Qwitter will email you so keep tracking your results with TwitterCounter, hope you liked them!

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Maheen Siddiqui

Maheen Siddiqui

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