3 Exceptional Twitter Marketing Strategies For Your Business

3 Exceptional Twitter Marketing Strategies For Your BusinessTwitter Marketing Strategies such as determining your goals, build audience, listen and respond to them and use hashtags are too common now and everyone gets used to it if someone is using Twitter for more than a few days.

So I’ll skip such mainstream techniques and provide you other advanced Twitter marketing strategies that will surely boost up your revenue, if you employ them:

1. Use GIFS In Your Tweets

The Graphic Interchange Format commonly known as GIF is a bitmap image format that runs animated images without any sort of interruption unlike videos. Numerous companies are now using GIFs to increase retweets and improve engagement. So in my opinion, use compelling pictures in your tweets together with GIFs as this doesn’t require viewers to click on play button, and they can also serve as calls-to-action.

Nike uses GIFs when announcing new product releases.


 2. Use Twitter’s List Function

I would say this is definitely among the best twitter marketing strategies one could ever choose. The question somehow arises WHY?

Knowing and building your target audience is equally important as targeting your audience effectively. There are always going to be such people who love your products/services and go extra miles to promote them. These are your real crowd influencers and labeling them Brand Evangelists wouldn’t be unfair.

So in order to communicate with them effectively, use Twitter’s List Function where you can know whose liking, retweeting and replying to the tweets frequently. If you want to know more about Twitter Lists click here!

Creating specific content for them and using @mention function to directly communicate with them would be highly effective instead of wasting valuable time at air talking then actually talking to your right audience.

3. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search For Competitors

It’s necessary to keep a tab on your competitors’ activities that what they are up to! For this, you can use Twitter Advanced Search. This will not only keep you updated about world events but also keep you well-informed about your competitors’ latest moves. You can easily know what hashtags they are using, who are their customers and on what activities their customers respond favorably.

Twitter Marketing Strategies

It has several advanced functions, you can filter search results according to your needs and interests city or country wise as well.

Lastly, follow your Competitors! It isn’t only about sharing your followers but also sharing interests and desires. Definitely it’s among the most effective of all twitter marketing strategies which keeps you well-aware of the level of competition you’ll face.

Twitter has been working constantly to update their services for you people so that you can reach a broader audience and target them effectively. In my view, these were some of the most innovative twitter marketing strategies people rarely know or if they’re already aware of them; they don’t bother to employ and take extra efforts to address right audience. I’d suggest you to try out these techniques definitely they’ll make a difference. For more social media tips follow me here!

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