4 Ways To Make A TV Commercial Valuable?

how to make a TV commercials Our life is filled with advertisements and TV commercial. No matter how strongly we try to avoid them, we still get a glimpse of their chunks where ever we move to. Ever wondered why some TV commercial render valuable information even though the product is of no use to us? Here we are going to find out that how huge firms and other advertising agencies add value to their product by just presenting TV commercial to different sources. Today technology has become the main source of entertainment, resolving problems and used in other activities and many of the business are basically themselves in to cope up with the modern technology. Therefore many ads are been posted on various webpages and channels just to create awareness of the product to the general public. Despite having all these techniques, the commercials that keep on running of televisions tend to create more awareness which itself is a true fact.

There are practically numerous ways to add value to the product just on the bases of proper advertisement. A marketer just has to keep the points which are mentioned below;

1-Understand the Target Market:

No matter what ever stuff the company is selling it initially has to identify the people who are the main core population of the product. Taking a local example of a local brand like Shan. Recently came up with an ad which gave them huge revenue strike. The ad was about the love of family and people who are living abroad, away from their loved ones. So to begin it is important who is going watch your commercial.

2-Make it Simple:

Commercials having concise and direct information and considered as more memorized then other because consumer want to know the solution of their problems not getting involved in the problem of understanding the commercial itself. E.g. Service shoes, it explains that their product is for everyone.

3-Add Portions of Emotions:

Whenever a commercial is designed it has to touch the heart literally. In sense of emotions or in sense of humor. Research concludes that the commercials which rather contain love and affection and easy memorized and evokes consumers to satisfy the need more eagerly. Commercials of Pakistan cellular network UFONE can be the example as it adds a small amount of humor just to make audience remember their ad. A point of click in simple words.

4-Respecting Code of Conducts:

Practically the most important point I must say, every part of any commercial must promote the acceptance of norms and cultural values. The culture of east differ from west therefore the commercials should be according to norms of every culture and should not violate ethical boundaries.

Ending with the note that whoever is going to be a part of marketing or would advertising their career should certainly look out for these important aspects of advertisements in order to create value and space in the consumers mind and heart.

Commercials capture your attention, that’s all.Calvin Klein


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