5 Interview Tips That You Never Heard Before

5 Interview Tips That You Never Heard Before!Hoping for an interview call, and suddenly you get a call that tomorrow is your interview! Now what to do? Relax and stay calm as much as possible because worrying too much will ruin your night’s sleep. “Sit up straight” and “Dress professionally” are just now too mainstream as everyone knows how to dress up or behave during interviews. Here are some exceptional Interview Tips that not only help you feel confident but will surely seal the deal:

5 Interview Tips

1-Research & Research:

Research & Research interview tipsBefore going for an interview, do not ever forget to do thorough research about an organization that you plan to serve. You should know about its products, services, customers, competitors and its main achievements so when they ask about their company and its biggest opportunities, make your answer be the strongest one that combines all facts and past achievements and relate them with future opportunities. By doing this, your interviewer will definitely feel that you not only know about them but you also care about them.

2-Google Alerts: Your True Companion:

Google Alerts Your True Companion in interview tipsNo doubt quick research is important, but staying updated with latest happenings especially when you aim to give interviews to multiple organizations is very hard.
But every problem has a solution; Google Alerts will email you latest news and rumors according to your interests. Needn’t to worry at all, get on Google Alerts and stay updated with all latest events from now.

3-Don’t Forget To Use Social Sweepster:

Social_Sweepster_in_interview_tipsMany of you are not aware of this app but this is really helpful because every big organization will go through your social media accounts to make sure you aren’t involved in suspicious or non-tolerable activities. For this, Social Sweepster will clean your Facebook and Twitter accounts that show pictures with suspicious objects or you enjoying alcoholic drinks, anything that does not look nice and you like to keep it private. Also it will detect and delete any inappropriate language used in your past posts. Never hesitate, now feel free to give an interview to any multinational organization and believe me it’s an awesome app!

4-Answer “What’s Your Weakness” Question Bravely:

What_s_Your_Weakness_in_interview_tipsOne of the toughest interview questions! Strengths can be told quickly and happily but when you tell someone about your biggest weaknesses, you hesitate a lot. It really does not mean that you admit your greatest weaknesses but how you try to overcome them, is the main focused point. Never ever refuse to answer this question by showing that you are very smart and do not have any weakness. It only indicates that you aren’t much prepared and hiding something. Start with your weak skills, demonstrate how you are working on them, what made you realize the importance of that particular skill and how much progress have you made. Formulate your answers in a way that makes them feel your weakness would be your greatest strength very soon.

5-Send A Thank You Note:Thank You Note in interview tips

Done with your interview? Now send a personalized “Thank You Note” when you get home. Doesn’t matter if you don’t get a job in that organization but once you’ve entered into their inbox, they definitely won’t forget you when hiring for some other posts next time.

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