5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas that will Amaze YOU!

Did you try new marketing ideas created in 2015 or you still use old tactics that once generated big revenues and now they are as useless as never before? So, change your habits, throw your old marketing guides into the bin and attempt to think out of the box.

For future entrepreneurs we’ve picked out 5 marketing ideas that indeed resulted in higher revenues, as marketing landscape is constantly changing so your one successful marketing strategy won’t be successful forever! Let’s have a look on few easy marketing ideas that indeed found effective when applied:

1. Allow Personalization in your Product

Share a Coke marketing ideas

When it comes to personalization Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign suddenly strikes our mind that attracted millions of potential customers. In today’s era customers demand personalization thus Coke grabbed the opportunity and encouraged people to establish personal connections that eventually increased approx. 3% of sales. Customers loved the idea and joyfully shared a bottle with their loved ones.

So what do we learn from the above idea? If you provide personalization that could be in any manner like a picture, tagline, monogram etc. would certainly boost up your sales because customer do get attracted where he’s encouraged to share his thoughts and experiences. That is why Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign ranked 1st among the top marketing ideas that generated greater sales (2015).

2. Set Prices According to Season:

Yes in order to transform potential customer into consumer, you would have to lower down prices when season is on! Sounds weird? But today people are really concerned about prices irrespective of quality. Not to be overlooked, you’d have to be very creative when lowering down the price so that a customer chooses your product instead of choosing a substitute.

Lemonade Coke vending marketing ideas

In Spain, Lemonade drinks get cheaper when temperature rises. Well, this sounds very ordinary but Momentum Madrid gone behind innovativeness. It worked with Coca Cola to create a vending machine that sells its beverages, inside a machine temperature sensor was fitted, so when the temperature rose, the lemonade price automatically got reduced just to offer smart discounts at the right time!

3. Collaborate on a Good Idea

If you think your sales are going down drastically and out-dated tactics to drive sales are all going in vain. So it’s time to rethink and generate an idea that would work best with other products. That means if you partner with a local company that doesn’t demand much share from your profit would produce high quality sales for both.

Colgate ice cream stick

Numerous companies got succeeded by teaming up with other manufacturers but recently Colgate with an intention of promoting its products and dental hygiene, collaborated with a local manufacturer of ice-cream to insert sticks shaped like a toothbrush. When children licked down to the end, they found Colgate’s Logo and a message “Don’t Forget” that reminded them to brush teeth after eating sweets.

This is among one of the easiest marketing ideas that currently every other manufacturing company trying to team up with a good company so that their ideas don’t go hopeless. You can give it a try by teaming up with a smaller company than yours.

4. Create Photo & Caption Contests

In order to attract and involve the audience, creating a photo or caption contest would definitely be a smarter choice than just posting photos on social platforms. On one hand entering in contests are fun (for customers), but on your side it will give you numerable ideas and ways you may never dream of. That is known as “User Generated Content”. People find innovative and funny ways when discussing about their thoughts, the way they’ll talk about your brand later on you can always use their creativity to market your product.

Like Tauck- A Tour Company did it few months ago. Through this activity, they’ve gained a lot of fan engagement.

Facebook Caption contest marketing ideas
5.  Get on Three-Dimensional Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a big source to grab public attention; that has gained popularity in the past few years.  Not always TV advertisement will attract and retain customers; you have to be creative enough while marketing your product in 3D style that grasps and captivates public attention quickly. According to a survey, 95% of the UK’s top 100 advertisers use 3D Advertising that earned them $2.10 for every $1.58 spent.

three dimensional ads

This banner was created by Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann for Oldtimer back in 2007. They’ve earned a lot of revenue through this idea almost everyone stopped before entering into a tunnel-sized mouth that made them thinking about snacking!  Amazingly, they’re still included among top 100 marketing ideas list.

You can find bunch of marketing ideas on search engines, but always go for the one that doesn’t cost you much in the starting. Remember getting out of the box and taking risks will make you go far!

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