5 Tips To Dress For A Corporate Job Interview

5 Tips To Dress For A Corporate Job Interview CoverYou boosted your CV, gathered all the recommendations, references, sent them out, and you received the call. It’s time for the interview! And as you well know, a corporate job interview can make or break the deal. Luckily, there are ways you can improve your chances at success, and with a simple tactical psychology, get the position you have applied for. The key here is to make a good, lasting first impression. And when you want to wow you future employer, dressing to impress will definitely make an impact on the person sitting opposite you. So here are some tips to dress for a corporate job interview.

5 Tips To Dress For A Corporate Job Interview

1-The Mandatory Suit

For tips to dress for a corporate job interview, the first thing which comes in our mind is a “Suit”. Nothing can reflect success more than a suit. A sharp suit can swing the job to your favor, due to the psychological implications it says about you – and that is what you are trying to achieve. You are trying to reflect the best of you to a person who has only seen the picture in your biography. A suit can be a powerful tool during your interview that improves posture, and boosting your confidence. Due to the sociological implications society has attributes to suits they have also become a statement of success, which inspire during a meeting.

2-Choosing The Right Suit

5 Tips To Dress For A Corporate Job Interview 1But not every suit can win you that corporate position. Because the entire corporate world is wearing suits, the person before you can tell a cheap suit from a good one. This may seem as insignificant, but it isn’t. Even though you are still to rise to their pay grade, they still expect a level of sophistication similar to theirs. Quality tailored suits made to your proportions reflect how much you respect the chance you have been offered, and is a relatable factor to the person determining your future career path. And since you want to be perceived as a professional, choose colors darker sober colors, to accentuate how serious you are about the issue at hand.

3-The Base of Your Outfit

When you have chosen the suit you are going to wear, you need to pick out a matching shirt. A professional white shirt is the safest option, but you can explore other colors that go with your suit. However, a corporate shirt should always be single color. Vertical stripes are also acceptable, but that leaves little room for tie alternations. Apart from being your base color, shirts also provide an ample source for accessorizing. With the introduction of cuff links, you can make a simple alteration to your outfit, and reflect your level of attention to detail to the interviewer.

4-Emulating Your Personality

5 Tips To Dress For A Corporate Job Interview 2Selecting a tie is the personal touch with which you gather momentum on your professional look, but also express something unique about yourself. This does not, however, mean you should wear brightly colored, flamboyant ties, since it will be counter-productive shifting attention of the interviewer away from your face and towards the tie. The best ties are in single color or can have subtle patterns, markings, and insignia, which do not attract too much attention, but emphasize your creative potential.

5-The Final Impression

The finishing touch on your successful corporate interview are shoes. Streamlined, leather (black or brown) shoes will complete your outfit. As with anything we wear, shoes say a lot about us, even more than we might think. Numerous people didn’t receive the post-interview call, because the last thing an interviewer pays attention to as you are about to walk out the door are shoes. Making them shine, will ultimately put you one step closer to getting that job.

So you should follow all these tips to dress for a corporate job interview when you are about to head off to your interview. Picking out the right clothes will say to your future employer more than you think. If you follow the dress code, and dress to impress, success is guaranteed.

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Peter Minkoff

Peter Minkoff

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