5 Ways To Improve Hotel Guests Satisfaction

5 Ways To Improve Hotel Guests SatisfactionAs a hotel booking facility, our first priority is our customers and to provide them with the best service and a memorable traveling experience. Our customers book a hotel room online based on whatever information is available on our website along with genuine customer reviews about them. Whenever consulted, we always recommend the best hotels according to their preference and feasibility. The most difficult task is to justify a hotel’s credibility when people have not reviewed it any good.

As an intermediate portal, it is our duty to bring both the parties, hotels and customers, together and provide what’s best. We will give some really helpful tips and guide hotels and guesthouses to improve their services in order to increase customer’s satisfaction. It will make them happy and they will leave a good review for your hotel.

A hotel should provide what it promises, given the same amount of money they charge. Sometimes, even a 5 star hotel can lose its guests due to inconvenience experienced by them. On the contrary, a small hotel/guesthouse can be as effective in retaining the current and attracting new customers. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to do so.

1- “Do Not Disturb”

Understand that when guests mark their doors with “do not disturb” sign, don’t disturb them. It is the hotel staff’s duty to make the rooms or clean the toilets and other mess, however, consider the fact that the guests do not welcome room service at that moment. A good hotel staff is one that respects their guest’s privacy. When they need you, they will ask for it.

2- Provide Extra Toiletries

Be it towels, toilet paper, skincare products or toothpaste, make sure that you stock them up generously in every room. It would really frustrate a guest if they are standing under the shower and are out of shampoo. Don’t worry, no one really takes back the extra toiletries with them, and even if they do, it wouldn’t cost you much, given that they are happy with your service and are likely to come back again.

3- Adopt Fast “Check-In” Process

After a long ride from their homes to your hotel, do you really think the guests would feel comfortable waiting for hours to check-in to their rooms? Well, definitely not. This is the first impression that you can create for yourself. Fast and easy check-in process will help improve the guests’ satisfaction.

4- Good Wi-Fi Service

You can’t imagine how much your hotel can loose on having bad or slow WiFi. Invest in good Internet and it will pay off. Nowadays, people are highly dependent on Wi-fi, be it to conduct some business or connecting with family and friends back home.  Plus it is equally important for you as a hotel to stay updated with the hi-tech world.

5- Give More, Get More

Guide the guests about restaurants and other facilities in the hotel at the time of check-in, before they ask. Provide fresh water every day, clean the room every day, maintain a pleasant fragrance all around the hotel and rooms, put extra pillows and blanket/sheets, and advance your room service. All or some of these combined together will give you remarkable results. It wouldn’t cost you much, but it’s about how well you deliver.