6 Steps to Create Eye-Stopping Instagram Ads

Steps to Create Eye-Stopping Instagram Ads Instagram as like other social media platforms has gained enormous popularity among every age group, you would be amazed to believe that it has just launched in 2010 and since created huge excitement among people that every month 300 million people use its photo app.

Isn’t this astonishing? Now you can imagine advertising on such platform can earn you millions. So do you use Instagram for business? If not, and you’re planning to use it, definitely it’s one heck of a great idea!

Here are simple steps that would help you to start with Instagram ads for your business:

Step 1. Connect Your Instagram with Facebook

The foremost step is to link your Instagram account with your Facebook account, because then it will permit you to make ads on Facebook Power Editor.

To connect your Instagram account; follow these steps:

Go at your business page
Click on Settings (Top right corner).
Click on Instagram Ads (Left sidebar).
Click Add an Account option, or if you’re already on Instagram, click on Add an Existing Account.
Insert your Instagram’s username and password and hit CONFIRM button.

Now finally you’ve linked both accounts with each other, which means whenever you’ll create an ad for Facebook that same ad will also run on Instagram.

Step 2. Download Power Editor

Not to be ignored, Instagram ads would only work if you’ve downloaded Power Editor. Mostly people create ads through Ad Manager on Facebook, this is another failed idea. To begin with Instagram ads: Go to Ads Manager, under this you can see Power Editor option, Click and download it.

Keep in mind, use only Google Chrome browser as others don’t support Power Editor.

Step 3. Start Creating Campaign

Instagram ads would earn you millions of followers and buyers if you create an eye-catching campaign. So let’s begin with How to Create a Campaign:

You can read Facebook guidelines here but to make it simple:

Go to Power Editor.
Click Manage Ads (Top Left corner).
Hit Create Campaign button.

Step 4. Manage Ad Sets Button

Your Instagram ads would go in vain if you failed to create right ads, for right people, within a budget.

You can edit following categories:

Set your Ad Schedule.
Select your Target Audience.
Set your Budget.
Under Placement, only check Instagram Advertising.

Step 5. Choose A Suitable Ad Type

Instagram ads would work best if you select appropriate ad objective matching with your goals.
Three ad objectives you will see: mobile app installs, click to your website and video views that will help you know what’s your audience final step after watching your Instagram ads.

After choosing an ad objective, select an ad unit based on how you want your ad to be seen by people:

Image ads: Simple standard ad, that allows people to click.
Video ads: Same as above, just with an added video.
Carousel ads: Series of images that let users browse.

Step 6. Use Eye-Catching Pictures and Popular Hashtags:

6 Steps to Create Eye catching Instagram Ads As Pictures grab human’s attention so as Hashtags improve your visibility to broader people who don’t even follow you.

On Instagram, telling a story is equally important as posting compelling graphics. If you really want to stop audience on your ads so just capture pictures yourself or better try investing in a photographer.

Unlike other marketing platforms, the more Hashtags you use in Instagram (max 30), and the far you’ll reach. We’d say again your Instagram ads would go ineffective if you’re failed to reach target audience. For that always incorporate Hashtags that are connected with your Brand culture.

Good job! Now you’re done. But do not forget Instagram ads will not produce effective results if you are not willing to put effort in making compelling content and graphics.

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