7 Ways to Make & Boost Online Business

Online business is trending now a days. Every business wants to gain more and more clients and customers. To market your business online you have to take several important steps i.e make website, make social media profiles, make logo, creative design for social media covers and lastly select best advertising medium for promoting your online businesses and products.

7 Way to Make & Boost Online Business and make website

As a marketing point of view I must say this “Which seen good is sold”.

So these seven ways helps you to boost your business online.

Make a website for Online Business:

Now a day’s world is moving so fast in technological perspective. It is very important to make an official website for your business. Through website you can also sale your product easily because people firstly search their desire product on internet and prefer to buy online. So a website will give you the wider audience and will help you to create direct relation with your customer.

It is also helpful for increasing your sales. If you do not want to make your website so you can also open small store on KAYMU. But i prefer you to make Website for Online Business. You can make your free website through this tutorial and software.

KAYMU (For online Store)

X-CART (Software For E-Commerce Website)

Graphic design:

It’s very important that your product graphic should look good and attractive. If you don’t know how to operate graphic design software (Photoshop, illustrator etc) and If you have a lot of money to invest, so firstly i recommended you to hire experience graphic designer. If your budget is less so you have more options like search designer in technical IT institute, pick young blood from their. He or she will make a good design for you and will take reasonable money for their services.

Secondly if your business does not afford any graphic designer so don’t worry because there are lot of online tools which will help you to create good attractive design. These software are very easy to use and very user friendly. Most of them are free. I would like to mention two of them.


Tinkercad (For 3D)

Design a logo:

Logo  is the identity of business. It is very important to make sure that your design should be attractive, different and should represent your product or company name. Because in future, logo will be the main identity and trade mark of your business. You can make it from your graphic designer and if you can’t afford graphic designer, then you can make it own self by diffident online tools. I would like to mention three of them.

Square Space

Design Mantic

Logo Garden

Social media:

Now a days social media is the most powerful tool. It helps to create various ways to promote your products and business. There are several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Prolinked etc. ).

These social profiles are the most common and easiest way to spread your words. To more effectively spread your messages to the world. You can arrange different contests and competitions through your social media profiles. By these steps, your followers will be getting more interest to your page and it will help you to gain more followers.


Design of your product i.e packaging is the most important thing for retail and online businesses. It must be different and attractive. You should use good color in your packaging according to your product. Sometimes people buy product because of attractive packaging.So it is also very important that your design of package should be easy to handle and easy to use. People are attracted towards packaging in online businesses also.

Classified websites:

You can also put free ads on different classified websites. Because now a days, a lot of people usually search products on these types of websites. This trend is increasing day by day.



Place advertisement on print and electronic media:

Print and electronic media advertisement is little expensive but with help of this medium you can convey your massage easily. At one time you can target more than 50 lac people.

If you follow all these steps to convey your massage. So a lot of people will become familiar of your product.

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