An Artist “MaDécor” Otherwise Known As An Entrepreneur

An Artist MaDécor Otherwise Known As An EntrepreneurEveryone is an artist from an inside but that doesn’t mean he is born with some paint brushes or colors. These are mind creativeness that transform a usual thing into some unique thing that people wonder. That uniqueness can be said as an artistic mind. I know this creative spark can drive a person to become an entrepreneur many of the times people want to experience this by entering into a business venture.

MaDécor is one of the known interior decor as well as an entrepreneur. Their main vision is to provide designed products as well as decoration ideas. They serve people who are bored of old decorations in their homes. As a competent interior décor, delivery service is also available at different regions in Pakistan

As an entrepreneur price should not be the only competence but there must be some innovation as well as creativity. MaDécor is growing rapidly in Pakistan because of their unique and creative ideas for decorations. This team provides all the best canvas paintings, wall hangings, ajrak work, painted and designed pots, handmade greeting cards with exclusivity and creativity that is pulling their customer through creative destruction.




Different forms of paintings of well known painters in the world are available at MaDécor at affordable prices. Including:

  • Oil Paintings
  • Acrylic Paintings
  • Canvas Paintings
  • Painted Shirts

Wall Decorations

Wall decoration

wall decorations

Nowadays, wall art as well as street art is becoming a new trend in the world. To explore this new trend MaDécor can help people who are searching for wall decorations. A wall decoration includes:

  • Wall Hanging
  • Wall Art / Wall Painting
  • Ajrak Work
  • Panels
Greeting Cards

greeting cards greeting cards


Technology is shaping world into paperless environment and people greet each other through electronic devices. Due to this people are facing problems related to emotions. Teen agers and young people are facing these issues more and they can overcome this by interacting people socially. People can offer greeting cards to their love one in affordable prices. Different forms of greeting cards are available including:

  • Popup Cards
  • Trendy Cards
  • Unique Styled Cards
  • And a SURPRIZING BOX! (A box contained various cards)
Pots Designing



If you are bored of your old terrace you can order for a designed pot. To make your stairs or room corner more stylish and luxurious, designed pots are the best solution that can give a fashion to your home.

We can provide you greeting cards, paintings, wall hangings, panels, ajrak work, decorated mirrors, designed pots. Delivery service is available. For queries follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

“Dare to be different” ~ Madiha (Madiha’s Interior Décor)
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Madiha Sheikh

Madiha Sheikh

MADIHA's Interior Decor provides you all the best hand made decoration pieces & it can be designed on request also!