Facebook Launch Canvas Ads Tool For Marketers

Facebook Launch Canvas Ads Tool For MarketersSo, it’s a good news for marketers that they will have tool for interactive mobile ads known as Canvas ads.

Canvas ads is an advancement of the previously Carousel ads which allowed users to swipe through multiple products or brand photos if they were interested in. Canvas instead offers full-screen ads which looks like a complete mini website design around particular products. These include description, videos, slideshows and a scrollable, interactive interface. It is a superior way for marketers to deliver their brand story and to promote their products on mobile.

Canvas ads are aimed to work on mobile devices that are run by apple or android software. The top social websites have made the availability of Canvas ads worldwide as an open tool, marketers can use to turn tablets or smartphone ads into diverse experiences.

The most incredible thing in these ads is that it can be modify according to the consumers. Facebook had experience of people spending over 30 seconds in these ads and they believe now they are having a unit that can race with 30-second television ads.

These ads are very easy to build via a web interface with a real time live ad and more importantly no design skills or coding is required.

Marketers who are concern with it, can try it out at canvas.facebook.com for free.

For more information on how it works, check out the link https://www.facebook.com/business/news/introducing-canvas

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