How To Get Online Reviews For Your Hotel Or Guest House Business

How To Get Online Reviews For Your Hotel Or Guest House BusinessHave you realized that the online reviews can make or break your hotel or guest house business?

According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research 90% of the respondents said positive online reviews influence the buying decision.

So does that hold true for hotel industry too?

It is still a question.

But no one can deny the fact that internet and e-marketing is creating a remarkable impact on Pakistanis. Gradually the buying habits are changing. There has been a huge shift from conventional on-foot to online buying.

The trend is increasing in every other industry which offers online shopping to consumers including the hotel industry.

One good example is of Jovago Pakistan, which is the first online platform in Pakistan to offer online hotel booking. Undoubtedly Jovago is experiencing growth due to the change in buying behavior from on-foot to online.

Coming back to the topic “how to get online reviews for your hotel or guest house”?

First we need to know why reviews are important for your hotel/guest house.

Why customer reviews are important?

Good question.

One answer to the question of reviews importance is, potential buyers trust reviews. The reason is:

  • They are personal experiences from people
  • They are expected not to be biased
  • The reviews highlight all the ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of a product or service.

Getting reviews is more important for small hotels and cheap guest houses than popular hotels like Regent Plaza, Dreamworld Karachi, Hotel Pak Heritage Lahore, Beach Luxury hotel Karachi, Avari Lahore, Arabian Sea Country Club etc.

Primarily because these popular hotels have organized marketing department for promotion and branding.

Unfortunately, you being a small hotel do not have the luxury to invest in marketing and branding. So the best option is to get as many reviews as possible which can help you get increased online hotel room booking.

Here comes the main part. How to get the reviews?

We will share four Simple tips for you.

Simply Ask Your Guests for Reviews  

If you intent to get more and more online reviews for your hotel (or guest house), requesting for reviews is the first and simplest way.

Majority of the hotel and guest house websites do not have automated process to reviews collection which leads to lesser number of people to reviewing businesses. The easiest way to request for reviews is sending an email with a link to your specific website page where the guests can write their reviews.

Make Giving reviews Easier For Your Guests

Here is the bitter truth. An average customer isn’t going to put in lot of efforts to give any reviews for your services. Most probably they will put in effort only if they had a very bad experience and they want to enlighten the world with their bad experience.

So you are required to make the reviews submission process extremely easy for them.

 Incentivize Your Guests

Okay! Still there is a great possibility that people who booked the room in your hotel may not leave a review on your website.

You can incentivize them by offering special discounts on advance room booking for their next trip. Or another option is by adding your guests in any lucky draw, providing them an opportunity to win a gift.

Always remember gifts and tempting and people love them. There is a great possibility that many of your guests will write a review on your hotel and services.

Get reviews On Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are very popular these days. Especially Facebook is trendy these days in Pakistan.  

Setup a Facebook business page of your hotel or guest house. The page comes with reviews tab which enables your guests who are on Facebook to give reviews.

You can email your guests with a link to you Facebook business page and request them to leave a review.


Review are becoming important every other day for businesses and so is the rule for hotel industry too. The major reason is the trust which customers get from the genuine opinions and experiences of other customers.

Review becomes more important for hotels and guest houses which aren’t operating on a large scale and lack marketing budgets. Not to forget word of mouth is one of the best marketing tool which comes for free.

So focus on getting more reviews from your customers and promote the reviews online here and there to get more customers and room bookings.