Gwadar Port – The Emerging Port City Of Pakistan

Gwadar - The Emerging Port City Of PakistanThe key highlight of the famous China-Pakistan Economic Corridor mega project, which is a part of China’s One Belt, One Road project, is the city of Gwadar. As part of this project, the city will be developed to serve as a warm water, deep sea port, whereby consignments from and to the country will be sent via sea route.

The reason behind why Gwadar port is at the forefront of the ongoing CPEC project is pretty simple. Gwadar is renowned for its warm water sea, which is open throughout the year for trade. This means that various countries including the landlocked Central Asian states can transport goods throughout the year by using the Gwadar port. By acting as a transit point, Gwadar port can add immensely to the national exchequer.

Keeping in mind the benefits that the Gwadar city promises to provide, both to locals and foreigners, Jovago Pakistan brings you an exclusive article on the emerging port city of Pakistan.

  • Location

On the Southwestern coast of Balochistan lies the city of Gwadar. Situated at a distance of approximately 700 kilometers from the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan, Gwadar is strategically located at a cross junction of international sea shipping and oil trade routes.

  • Description

Gets its name from the Balochi language and meaning the gateway of wind”, Gwadar is famous for its warm water, deep sea port. It was originally part of Oman but was later on purchased by the Pakistani government in 1958. Apart from its strategic importance to Pakistan, Gwadar attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world towards itself due to the enthralling views that it provides of the crystal clear water of the Arabian sea.

Major tourist attractions

  • Ormara

Considered to be the midpoint of Karachi and Gwadar, Ormara is under the control of the Pakistan navy. It is basically a town in the Gawadar city and it attracts a large number of tourists who are enamored by watching the naval forces at work.

  • Buzzi Pass

Considered to be the best part of the Makran Coastal Highway for the motorcycle riders due to its sharp turns, the Buzzi Pass overlooks the Hingol national park and natural carvings. Famous for its scenic views, Buzzi pass leaves its visitors enchanted with its sheer beauty.

We hope that the ongoing developmental projects will help turn around the kismat of this Southwestern city of Pakistan and that it contributes significantly to the country’s economy. Don’t forget to share your views on what you think of this emerging port city of Pakistan in the comments section below.