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hHELIOS Student guide for Global Education and ImmigrationTo live better and luxurious life you should be educated, schools are the first step for a child to step in the professional institute. Education is something which can make or break your future. Now day’s education is the most important thing after food, clothes and shelter, if you are educated then you can easily face a problem and solve it.
In the following article you can find out the education system of Australia and some most popular countries.

• Australian Education Structure

In Australia we can found a very vast range of education options especially for international students, with more than 1200 Institution and over 220000 courses. In a vast range of education options you can study to primary to secondary level to VET- Vocational Education Training, from English language courses to higher studies through Universities. Australian Government likes to promote quality education and provide protection for International students, it doesn’t matter how long you are studying for or what are you studying.
If you want to visit Australia on student visa for that you must be connected with an institution which should be registered on the CRICOS- Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students. It insures to you that from which institute or course you are studying will meet the high standard expected by International Student.
Basically Australian Education System based on three different levels.
1. Primary Education; Starting from Kindergarten and end after 6-7 Grades. It is the very basic education which is provided in school level within 6-7 Grades.
2. Secondary Education; It’s after primary education and runs through 7-10 or 8-10 Grade. After that senior secondary education which complete in 2 years 11-12 Grades.
3. Tertiary Education; includes both higher education from Universities and from VET- Vocational Education Training.

• American Education Structure

American education system provides a vast options for International students, in America there are pretty much options to choice a school, program and location for students.
There are three levels in US education System:

1. Undergraduate:
The good thing in American system, it is open pretty much open as compare to Hong Kong, Pakistan, etc. They like to discuss what in their mind rather than to just copy from the board. A student who is studying in a college or in university won’t get the Bachelor’s Degree. For that a student should studies for 4 years in university and college. During a bachelor degree in first 2 two year a student mainly focus in prerequisite courses like Arts, Science, General Knowledge, etc. In last two year they have to focus on their major courses for example if a student wants to Bachelor in Business Administration than he/she has to focus on certain courses to fulfill the requirement of Degree.
2. Master’s Degree:
Master’s Program nearly takes 2 years to complete its come after you bachelor’s degree for example MBA-Master in Business is very common, it takes 2 year for completion but there are some master program which complete in 1 year like in Journalism.
3. Doctorate Degree- PhD:
This is probably 2 years program in which a student should in roll in classes and in seminars, and at least one more year for submission of thesis which base on specific researches.

• Malaysian Education Structure

Malaysian Education is one of the top education systems in Asia. Their Government provides free education in Primary and Secondary level.
The Structure of the their education is divided in 5 steps
1. Kindergarten: This usually starts from age 3 and continue through the age of 6. There are very few institutes who run it in Malaysia but most private institutes are running it.
2. Primary Schools: In Malaysia it is divided in 2 to 3 phrases starts from the age of 7 and continues till the age of 12. At the end of it student give Primary School Achievement Test.

3. Secondary Education: The time period of it is 5 years which starts at the age 13 and continues till 17. It is divided into two parts one is lower secondary and the other one is upper secondary each have their own final test.
4. Post Secondary Education: Its starts at the age of 17 and continue till age of 18 in which are being prepared for the universities.
5. University Education: It is the final part of the education in Malaysia, which starts from the age after 18.

• Germany Education System

The German Education is pretty much different from other countries but the produces quality level students. At the age of 3 from 6 a child may attend kindergarten, after that student should focus on schools for 9 to 10 years. Till grade 4 the children attend elementary school which is named as Grundschule, in it they teach same subject to all students after that they separate the students according to the student interest or if student are not able to choose it then his/her parent done for them. They name their department Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium.

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