How To Create A Facebook Video Ad: 5 Simple Steps

Create a facebook video adWe all use Facebook for different purposes but if you’re looking forward to do marketing on Facebook by creating appealing video ads then it’s one heck of a great idea.

There’s no denying to the fact that creating an ad that stops people to scroll and delivering what’s expected is utterly a tough job. So, in this article you will learn how to create a Facebook Video Ad that not only stops your audience but also directs them to take ACTION:

1. Grab Attention Quickly

Successful video will be the one only that has an exact answer to your audiences’ question. Yes, you get it right! The only way to grab your viewers’ attention is to ask a Question.

Create a facebook video adYou have to understand what your audience really need, what are they frustrated of, their problems and most importantly what are their biggest wishes, the outcome or result they want after spending specific time at solving that particular problem.

Keep in mind that, mostly videos on Facebook are mute by default unless viewers click on the audio button. So you need to put compelling content at the start of your ad, make sure a 5-sec content should be appealing enough to grab attention.

2. Don’t Disclose Everything! Create Interest

Now go further – do not disclose everything, just build interest by giving a small and exact hint about what steps you’ll go through in order to resolve that issue.


Create a facebook video adIt’s just about to create an image in viewers mind that this video will definitely solve your problem but do not disclose the actual solution or else people will not bother to watch the entire video.

To create a Facebook video ad that builds interest from the start; use sentences such as: “An Easy Guide”, “A New Way/Trick”, or “Simple Hacks to”.

3. Be a Convincer – Create a Need


Create a facebook video adIdentifying your audience’s problem is equally important as persuading them to try your methods or product in order to overcome that problem.

At this step, you have to mention convincing statements that instill a Must-have or Must-to-do feeling. For this, start with revealing your product’s benefits and its differential value that how your product is different from the others. You have to make viewers feel that it’s highly important to use your guide or product instead of switching to another.

4. Create Persuasion– Assure Satisfaction

If the viewer is still watching your video ad which states that you’re giving a right solution to the right person at the right time.

Now the question is how can you trigger your audience to take favorable action?

Keep following triggers in your mind when you’re writing the script:

Focus on Reciprocity: Give offers like “Free Gift with Purchase” or “Buy Two Get One Free” or “The Gift of Content”.

Give social proof: Mention that 150,999 users have already tried this.

Provide liking stats: Mention that 1.5m users have already liked this.

Support with Authority: Mention that some renowned experts or celebrities have endorsed your product.

Exaggerate on Scarcity: Mention that this product is available to this date only or low prices might soon be gone.

Create a facebook video adFor a Facebook Video Ad, disclosing number of people already tried or liked your product is the most influential trigger that has directed viewers to take favorable action.

Not to be ignored, your statements in your ad must be 100% true, a little bit exaggeration is allowed but stats should be accurate in order to build customer trust and decrease defection rate.

5. Never Forget to Add a Call to Action Button

The last step of your ad is to add a ‘call to action’ where you direct viewers to take a specific action.


Create a facebook video adYou might think that action seems to be very obvious but adding an action button will help viewers to do exactly what you want them to do.

When you create a Facebook Video Ad in Power Editor, you can select any call to action button that suits your business. After you select an action button, it will be added in your post or you can add it in your script as well that will pop up at the end of your ad.


It was a simple guide to create a Facebook Video Ad that draws audiences’ attention.

It’s up to you whether you choose to record yourself, use lively text or images or you utilize both in the same ad, it’s necessary not to get detracted from your main purpose; simultaneously promote desire among viewers to take positive action.


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