Look After Yourself

Look After YourselfBy the way you often find so many decent and honest people around you in the work environment. But sometimes there are bad and dishonest people or even pure evil around you as well and you can’t avoid them. So what do you do? Don’t try to correct others, Look after yourself. In every work environment they have their own values which you have to follow. You should know the ethics of your group. Is your organization a good thing or a bad thing? Does it play positive role or a negative to your society? What your industry does morally? If your industry goes wrong then what you can do is change yourself from inside first. Even if you leave the job, it is beneficial to you.

You must follow rules and regulation, legalities of your industry and obviously they definitely have. If you are breaking the laws then don’t guide others to follow it so, first look after yourself. Set some unbreakable personal standards which make your personality concrete. And think the major thing is never lie with your boss or colleagues and tell the whole truth always. Never date your coworkers or colleagues because it damages your reputation inside and outside the organization. It doesn’t mean that don’t make positive relationships with your colleagues but flirting is a different thing

The main thing is to hold firm to what you believe in, decency, integrity and honesty. If you don’t show decency in the work environment then why should anyone else do? It is very important to walk like a cat and dodge anything which is thrown in your way. Be ready for everything by being grounded and centered. The last and most essential thing is to put things in perspective. Remember you work to live not live to work. If you have a bad day in office it doesn’t mean that you behave rudely or even wildly with your family. Your personal and professional careers are two separate things. Spend time to your beloved family and children and make time for your personal life too.


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Sana Khan

Sana Khan

Official Contributor at ProLinked Magazine