Name Badges : Let the World Know Who You Are

Name Badges : Let the World Know Who You AreName badges might be temporary or permanent. As the name suggests, it typically comprises name of the wearer, sometimes his/her designation. It is attached to the outfit with glue or using pins, magnets. Name badges are not limited just to corporates, but you can also use it if you are going for conferences, social gatherings, company promotions, welcoming guests, etc.  If you are going to be in touch with people whom you are meeting for the first time, then they might be helpful for instant recognize. Name tags are very common in corporate, schools, and customer service companies like restaurants, vehicle dealing, etc.

Different Types of Name Badges

Name badges always help you to get access to services without having to show your primary identity document. If you lose your name badge, it’s very easy to renew it unlike other identity documents. Here are some most common types of name badges:

  • Simple name badge: These are very economical and they are used as most traditional way to entice attention.
  • Laser carved name badge: They are unique and eloquent. The quality of laser name badges is high and they will surely catch the eyes of your customers/clients.
  • Screen printed name badges: They present a very powerful technique to create name badges because of their attractive color and crispiness.
  • Digitally printed name badges: They are typically used for logos with the variety of colors.
  • Metal name badges: These badges always stand out in the crowd. They are mostly fit for real estate and corporate environment.
Things To Remember While Choosing Name Badge

You can have many alternatives when it comes to choosing a name badge. You can either have disposable plastic name badges or attractive metallic name badges. There are many factors you may need to consider while picking name badge. Some of them are:

  • Reliability: Should be able to withstand wear
  • Names or details on name badges should not become fade after using it for a consistent period of time. In short, they must have good readability.
  • Material used: Plastic or metals. Metals like brass and stainless steels are more durable and attractive.
  • Creativity and Attractiveness.
  • Material used for sticking badges: We could use magnets, pins, or glues for this purpose.
  • Badge Type and Size: There are many sizes for name badges, it depends on the printer selected. Mostly used badge sizes are 4*3 and 4*6.
Benefits of Magnetic Name Badges:

These types of badges do not damage clothes. Pins might cause damage to clothes by leaving holes on them. Magnetic badges are easy to take off and put on. We can use magnetic name badges on any type of materials, but pins do not go well with silk, leather kind of materials. So, considering these facts, magnetic name badges are a great choice for any kind of business.

Name badges are used for self-presentation. It makes an individual to showcase his/her name in style. They usually have basic information of the badge holder. They are very rarely used for any purpose other than to project the name of the badge wearer. They are not only used to attract prospective customers, but also to highlight the dressing etiquette of the company. They are very simple tools but may have complicated underlying issues. In many organizations, they are mandatory for their employees. They are the necessary piece of work uniform. You can also personalize name badges for unique identification. Such name badge is highly used in corporate environment. They are personalized based on different factors like Identification, Access, Record, Security, Access, Integrity, etc.


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