6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media Manager

6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media ManagerBeing a Social Media Manager, you need to play very intelligently because a single mistake can ruin everything you created. You need to stay very active to understand your audience and your engagements quickly but that doesn’t mean you spend 24 hours on your work and forget your family life. There are various tools that can help you save time so that a social media manager can focus on everything that needs to be done on time.

Some important tools are discussed below, definitely they are highly important for a Social Media Manager because they not only save time but also keep updated from all latest happenings or rumors as its very necessary for a social media manager to know what’s happening in his industry and what his competitors are up to so these would definitely contribute:


6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media ManagerIFTTT stands for “If This Then That” makes you connected to every important thing you list to do. You can create simple chains that makes your life easier i.e. numerous tasks can be done through it but few of them are listed below:

  1. Gives Weather update every morning.
  2. Directly sends Gmail attachments to Dropbox.
  3. Posts the same content on every social networking site you use.
  4. Saves tweets you favorite. And much more.

6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media Manager

Being a Social Media Manager, you have the bulk of responsibilities and tasks that need to be accomplished on time. ‘Schedugram’ an Instagram tool, that makes your life not just easy but very easy, as it manages your multiple accounts and schedules Instagram photos in advance which keeps your audience engaged in your absence.

6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media Manager

It is your personal social magazine that not only keeps you updated from the latest happenings and news you care about but also let you share your own content with your friends and followers.

Flipboard makes your content organized and makes it go viral in no time if you use valuable keywords. No doubt for a Social Media Manager, staying updated is equally important as keeping your audience updated as well.

4-Word Swag:
6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media Manager

You’re a Social Media Manager so definitely you need to attract and keep engaged your audience for this a daily new post is a must-to-do thing. This is really good for iPhone or iPad users, now you don’t need any designer degree, it helps you to create poster quotes with amazing text layouts, background images and your valuable picture to share with your audience as pictures grab consumer’s attention.

6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media Manager

Books have massive knowledge but you don’t have much time to read a full book. Needn’t to worry at all, now read a summary of your favorite book and gain knowledge in 15 minutes or less. Wondering other websites also have summaries so why I should use Blinkist? The reasons are it has clear and concise information free from surface skimming. You can gain valuable deepest insights easily also they provide one free book to read every day. Their library is based on: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Productivity, Health, Finance and much more.

6-Post Planner:

6 Vital Power Tools for a Social Media Manager

Last I would like to share the importance of Post Planner. Now you don’t need to sit in front of your internet devices and work like a robot just to make sure your audience doesn’t switch to another brands. In order to make loyal audience you need to post daily so that your audience don’t forget you. Post Planner helps you to schedule content for Facebook and Twitter, you only need to set times and choose the content, and relax they’ll do the rest of your work. 

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