Reasons As To How Hotel Industry Is Changing In Pakistan

Reasons As To How Hotel Industry Is Changing In PakistanIt is often heard that change is inevitable. When one looks at the different facets of history, they find that civilizations who did not accept change were swept away by the developments taking place around them. This is one reason why organizations in the modern era are trying to devise different strategies through which they can incorporate change.

The reason behind why organizations are so persistent about adapting to change is because they want to move forward. Among the various industries of the world which are trying to cope with change, the hotel industry is one industry which is getting transformed.

As the hotel industry is a service industry, where the quality of experience is one of the dominant factors, it is important that it adapts to the various developments taking place. If you are fascinated by the changes that are being incorporated in the hotel industry, then this article by Jovago Pakistan will further satiate your quest for a different yet better experience.

The best hotel booking website believes that the following are the reasons because of which the hotel industry is changing:

1) Growing population

Currently, Pakistan’s population stands at 196 million. This figure is projected to rapidly increase in the coming years. A major chunk of this population comprises of youth who are more prone to accepting change. As the customer base of the hotel industry widens, with more youth traveling to explore the beauty that Pakistan offers, the hotel industry has started offering services which will suit the modern tastes of the youth.

2)   Increase in internet penetration

With various telecommunication companies offering 3G and 4G service, more people are able to have access to the internet which helps them to stay connected with the world. The response from the Pakistani people has been so phenomenal that 5G services will be launched soon in the country. As more people are able to access the internet, hotel businesses have started offering services online. This includes the introduction of smartphone apps to increase convenience for the hotel’s customers.

3)  Rising E-commerce industry

The concept of businesses availing the online platform, provided by the internet, has enabled them to increase their target audience. As the benefits of going online are far greater than the cost involved, a lot of startups have been launched in the country over the past few years. The hotel industry has also had its fair share of startups including Jovago Pakistan, which is offering customers the ease of booking a hotel online. People no longer have to wander about the desired destination in search of a hotel. By just clicking on the website and using the customized search engine, people are now able to book their hotel rooms prior to traveling- a convenience which was not offered earlier.

If you have information on any other reason because of which the hotel industry is changing in Pakistan, then do share it with us in the comments section below.