Should Small Businesses Have Mobile Apps

If you are a small business owner, you must have a mobile app and if you don’t, it’s time you did.  Just having a website is not good enough any longer because of the many mobile devices being used.  Smartphone apps are extremely important for marketing and no small business should be without them.

Smartphones are leading the market when it comes to the device of choice.  More than three-quarters of Americans are using their mobile phones at least every hour!  Research has shown that more Americans are spending time on their mobile phones than any other activity. Also, 90% of their time is spent using apps.

Due to the incredible popularity of smartphones and their hours of usage, apps are major players and necessary tools for companies that are small, medium or large.  They boost sales, visitors, and various online activities including the distribution of loyalty cards, initiating promotions, and many eCommerce transactions.  A small business must realize that apps can send out announcements, provide coupons, and build their customer base.  Apps will heighten contacts to your business which will develop excellent relationships with customers very quickly.  In this day and age, fast responses are considered gold among buyers.  Icons for smartphones will build your brand recognition by offering a visual design that customers will recognize immediately.

There are many small businesses that are concerned about the development of different apps for various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.  They believe the cost would be very expensive and would be very difficult to build.  They have a great deal of difficulty designing and producing a dynamic app and do not have the experience to built one on their own.


There are some new, upcoming companies that will simplify the entire process with capabilities for testing apps and will provide small businesses with tools in a price range they can afford.  Bizness Apps is a new company that is growing in leaps and bounds by providing small business owners a template that allows them to build a complete mobile app and offers a huge range of features.  Blog RSS provides loyalty cards for food ordering systems and mobile reservations on both iOS and Android in approximately one hour.  They also provide a drag-and-drop system allowing owners to develop their own apps, host their own apps, and collect user data in an easy to understand manner.

Another outsourcing mobile app development company, MyCrowd QA, will help small businesses test their apps for  bugs.  Studies have shown that customers are 40% more likely to ditch apps if they run into bugs.  Therefore, businesses must be able to perform these tests to ensure their apps are running properly.  For only a small cost, MyCrowd QA will perform a test that will only take a few hours to run.  They will provide the business a list of bugs and you only pay for the bugs you approve.  MyCrowd QA has more than 30,000 workers worldwide who compete for finding bugs.  They work fast and are less expensive than many of their competitors.

Small businesses are now able to build and test their mobile apps quickly, easily, and inexpensively thanks to many new up and coming companies.  The smallest business can now reap the benefits of a mobile app that will increase customers, allow for faster sales, and allow them to significantly build their brand.

In Conclusion:

There is no longer an excuse for a small business to go without a mobile app.  There are companies that will work with them, design, and test at a very inexpensive price.  In order for a small business to move their products, increase their sales, and attract new customers – mobile apps are must-have tools.

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Adam Smith