Ultimate Tips for Organizing Inbox

Ultimate Tips for Organizing InboxIt is hard to argue that email now becomes one of the core means of business communication. The more time passes, the more it substitutes phone calls, texting, and live interaction for us. In order to make your cooperation as productive as possible, your inbox should be properly organized. So how to achieve that? Today, we want to give you a couple of tips on how to maintain your inbox with the help of the Gmail tools.
For instance, Priority Inbox from Gmail provides many valuable features that can advance the functionality of your inbox. There are some automatic mechanisms that help with sorting your emails depending on their importance. Likewise, there are more instruments allowing you to keep your correspondence in order. Let’s take a look at them below.

Quick Gmail Inbox Tools

Email sorting. If you wish to keep your inbox well-organized, start from the very beginning. We strongly recommend you sort your emails once they’ve been received. Don’t hope to review them later – the message flow may be just too large to work it out with time. Basically, you can tag emails with designated labels (e.g. “Personal”, “Family”, “Work”, “Traveling” etc.).

Smart labels. In 2011, Gmail launched this new tool that automatically labels incoming emails. In particular, this is really helpful for those who are subscribed to numerous regular newsletters and notifications or registered at any forums. Smart labels will keep your entire group-wide correspondence in strict order.

Categorization by Color. This is an additional feature you can use along with labels in order to manage multiple tasks and keep in touch with many people during the workweek or leisure time. Genuinely categorize received messages by assigning a name and a color for each group to facilitate the later reviewing.

Filters. To finally arrange your inbox and make your working process convenient, you may need something more than just labels and colors: filters. To use this feature, select “Filters” in the Settings menu and click “Create a new Filter”. In this menu, you can assign search criteria and specific actions so all your incoming emails will be instantly scanned and sorted.

Additional Features

Gmail also provides a big number of tools helping you streamline the inbox according to your personal needs.

Drag and Drop files. Great news: you don’t have to manually attach files to your messages. Instead of it, just drag and drop them right into the email.

Apps search. Using it, you will be able to search not only in your inbox but also in Google Docs and Sites.

Offline Gmail. Simple as you could ever imagine – work with your emails without an Internet connection.

Tabs. This simple Gmail feature works under the principle of browser toolbars by integrating tabs.  So you will be able to easily review and sort them right from your inbox. To activate this tool, you need to click on the Configure icon and select “Configure inbox”. Here, you can turn available tabs on and off. After everything is set up, Gmail automatically categorizes incoming messages by corresponding tabs for smoother viewing.

At launch, Google allows you to select from five categories of tabs:

  • Primary, storing emails from your friends and family;
  • Promotions, keeping information about sales and deals;
  • Social, where all your social network notifications go;
  • Updates, arranging your online statements, receipts, and verification;
  • Forums, collecting email mailing lists and discussion board exchanges.

You will be able to drag and drop emails between those tabs and future emails from those senders will always be displayed in a specific tab. There is also the filter for “starred” messages that will show up in the Primary tab. All in all, the new feature will help you prioritize and archive incoming emails as well as respond to them.

Boost your inbox functionality with NetHunt

Ultimate Tips for Organizing InboxWe bet no one can argue that Gmail is an extremely simple and functional service. To advance the productivity of your working process, we recommend you using NetHunt – an enterprise-level CRM for Gmail and other Google Apps.

Just like any other Google service, it’s super easy to use. Both web and mobile versions are available so you have 24/7 access to your data. With this CRM system, you always keep your correspondence organized, efficiently deal with your workflow, and share any files with your colleagues and keep them safe. Another great thing about NetHunt CRM is that you can try it for absolutely free within 30 days and even the paid pricing won’t bite.

Customizing the Gmail Background

Using the customization options, you will fully adapt the Gmail inbox to yourself. Since you are likely to visit it daily, it is important to customize its appropriately to your needs and preferences. Click on the cog icon and select “Themes” to add a Gmail background you want. There is also the “Custom Themes” option at the bottom, where you can choose between “Light” and “Dark” themes and add pictures from your PC, Android phone, “My Photos” in Google+, or by designated URLs.

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Adam Smith