How to use email signature as a powerful marketing tool

How to use email signature as a powerful marketing toolAre you still thinking that email signature is just a way to say “Good bye” and leave a good last impression? Think again! Because this is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It becomes a weapon in skillful hands. Learn how to take maximum out of it.

Promote your website or blog

Normally when you create signature for email it contains a link to your brand website. Those who receive your message are already online and a link will stimulate them to visit your website or blog. In such a way people will become more aware of your brand and the recipients will know more about what you offer them. Do not be surprised when you see how fast the first results are.

Bring traffic to your Internet pages

Driving attraction to your blog is very important for promoting your business products. If you leave a link to your blog, website or other Internet page, not only that people will get to know about it, but you will also bring traffic to your website and it will become more visible to people who search the similar products through searching engines. You can add a direct link to your blog or a reference to some of your latest posts.

Tell people about promotions and special offers

Use your signature for emails to point out the newest promotions and to highlight the seasonal offers. Your html signature can be a tool to drive attention to your products, but make sure it is well constructed as some email platforms will not be able to identify it, especially if you use the shortcuts. That’s why you should use the full length signature. A special tool should be applied for that. Maybe you are offering free trials of your brand products or maybe you can notify people about some recently developed solutions.

Make giveaways

Use the feature of a human psychology of loving to get something for free. Some free online books, tools for work, software trial. Not only that you will engage new users or visitors to your website/blog, but also you will create a leading position for your business output.

Demonstrate your product

Give every email recipient an opportunity to get a quick demo of your product. Use special email signature generator to create such a possibility. Give people link to an online form where they can book a demo version. The special email constructors can make this button visible just to those people who are not your customers yet.

Call attention to the events you will visit

Use a promotional banner in your email signature if you are visiting a conference, organizing an exhibition at a trade show or going to any other event. It is especially important to maintain trust among the most influential contacts of your company. They will stay in the know and spread information about your brand among their business contacts. You will get new registrants, but apart from that you will gain more recognition from your target audience.

It’s up to you to decide if your email signature should remain just a few lines in the end of a letter or if you can turn it into a strong marketing tool. It can be really a cakewalk, if you follow these tips.

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Adam Smith