4 Places Where You Can Find The Best Desserts In Karachi

4 Places Where You Can Find The Best Desserts In KarachiDo you crave for dessert after every meal and think it’s incomplete without the sweet touch? Well, you know you have a sweet tooth. Pakistanis enjoy, celebrate and live for food. Apart from all the flavorful savory foods we see at several restaurants, we have a list of places where you can find the best desserts in Karachi.

If you live in Karachi, you can eat out at a restaurant every day and still won’t get over with the long list of dishes that are a must try. Karachi has no shortage of good desserts, and has many places where you can find the best desserts in Karachi but how many have you really tried? Check out the list below to make it easy to decide for your next dessert voyage.

1- Chocolate Malt Cake at Nandos

One of the best desserts in Karachi is available at Nandos. Although Nando’s is famous for its flame grilled chicken, its desserts deserve a special mention. It could be quite impossible for sugar lovers to have not yet tried the scrumptious Chocolate Milk Cake at none other than Nandos. The gooey goodness of this cake slice seals the appetizing dinner you have there.

2- Okra’s Crème Brulèe

Okra is one of the most famous dine in places situated in the midst of the busiest Zamzama Market. It is comparatively a small restaurant that cannot accommodate a lot of people at once and you have to wait for hours to get you a table. However, the artistic Crème Brulèe from their menu is worth the wait. If you have a thing for this traditional French pudding, look nowhere else.

3- Burger O Clock’s Nutella Burger

Nutella in a burger? Sounds eccentric, doesn’t it? But if you question a nutella lover, they would be least bothered eating it with a “naan.” It is not the way it sounds. This burger is actually a donut cut open and stuffed with nutella patty, strawberries as tomatoes, kiwi as cucumbers and pineapple as cheese. This sugary grace is topped with sweet cream acting as mayonnaise.

4- Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie at Bella Vita

Bella Vita, the café that gave meaning to sweets and desserts in Karachi with its decadent extra-large chocolate chip cookie, can’t be left behind. They bake it fresh and top it with your choice of ice cream scoop to indulge in right away. Trust me, you would not be able to share one bit of it with anyone, yes it’s that good!

Not to forget, cupcakes from Pane & Amor, macaroons at Lal’s Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher Cake at Red Riding Hood Bakery are a blissful treat on the go. This is a small glimpse from the wide and delicious cuisines of Karachi. Keep exploring for more!